Development Partner Program FAQ

What does “Development Partner Church” mean? What are the perks?
A Development Partner Church will have access to the TouchPoint code for the purposes of helping build features and functionality. You may view existing code and submit new code for consideration, review, and QA with the desire of being added to TouchPoint.
Why are you doing this now? What prompted this?
Partner churches are key to TouchPoint’s success. This is true for both ideating and developing new features. We want to ensure that our clients receive the best possible experience with the platform, while protecting our innovative enhancements that we are constantly providing. We believe this is a better alternative to open source.
How does this impact us? What changes in TouchPoint?
You will not experience any service disruptions or downtime as a result of this change. All of the features in our product will continue to be available to you.
Can I still get access to the source code and become a Development Partner Church?
Yes, please complete this simple form, submitting a request to obtain access to the existing codebase.
Will this affect the cost of TouchPoint?
If I’m interested in being a Development Partner Church, what are next steps?
We’re excited you are interested. There is a 4-page agreement required to grant Development Partner Churches access to the code base. The agreement also assigns licensing of Development Partner code to TouchPoint. Click here to find out more.
I have more questions. Who do I contact?
Please send any additional questions to our Client Success Team at

Latest Update 12/14/2020

Expanded answer to “next steps” question.

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