A Disaster Recovery Story

Or How we ended up on Rackspace.com

About noon one day, at a local data center where we were co-locating our own servers, the network service suffered a major outage. None of our clients could access their data. After about an hour of waiting for the network to come back up, we got word that it was going to take quite a while to restore service.

So, we decided to make the move to Rackspace. We had been contemplating that for about six months. But now, in a real live disaster situation, at about 1:00 PM, we had to make the move. Here is what we did:

  • We created a brand new account from scratch on Rackspace.com Cloud Servers product
  • We backed up all current data and moved it to our new servers at Rackspace.
  • We installed all of our software on their servers.
  • We procured a new domain and a wild card SSL certificate.

The amazing thing was we did all of this work in less than 4 hours and by 5:00 that afternoon all of our churches were back up and running. And not in a crippled mode either. We had full capability and plenty of computing power.

So, our disaster recovery plan, which had never been tested, actually worked.

Since then, we have moved to a dedicated Managed Cloud product at Rackspace and while very expensive, the peace of mind that it all just works, is worth it.

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