Emailing Files or Images

Instead of sending attachments, TouchPoint uses HTML email to allow you to upload a picture, a PDF, an mp3 audio file, a video - whatever you want - and then insert a link to it in y our email. By using this method, the email message is small, because a link is sent, not the actual picture or PDF.

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Important Caveats

Do not use special characters.
You will be uploading a file located on your own computer. Please name the file so that it does not contain any spaces, or special punctuation marks such as apostrophes, quotes, parentheses, commas or slashes. The only special characters that you can use are underscores, dashes and periods. The web server is not as flexible on file naming conventions as your personal computer.
Do not use extremely large images.

You should resize your image first before you upload it, because it will be displayed using the full image resolution. Many digital cameras take pictures that are HUGE! That’s great when you are looking at it on your computer, but you don’t want it to display that big in an email. Therefore, you need to resize the image using whatever software you have on your computer.

You can use the online resizer tool at in case you have no other way to change the size. It handles both resizing and cropping. This online re-sizer is not that good for resizing lots of pictures, but for a few (1-4) at a time it is be quite feasible.


Note the two icons highlighted below, one for creating a link to upload a file (red balloon) and the other for embedding an image (blue balloon).

Email Toolbar

To send a picture
  • Place the cursor in the body of the email where the image will go
  • Then click the image icon (blue balloon is pointing to it)
To send a file (like a pdf, doc or mp3)
  • Select/highlight the text in your email that will be the hyperlink you want the recipient to click on
  • Then click the hyperlink icon (red balloon is pointing to it)
For both, you will get a dialog box like you see below
  • Click the upload tab first.
  • Then click choose the file and find the file on your computer that you want to send. The next button will either be Open or Ok.
  • Once you have selected the image click Send it to the Server.
  • After the file is uploaded, click OK and your link is created or your image is displayed.


The Protocol should be https://

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