Disable Funds Drop-Down

This Ad Hoc Extra Value can be added to an Online Giving organization if you are using the One-Page Giving option and you do not want the list of other Funds to display below your default fund.

This is how the one-page form looks when you specify a Fund on the Fee tab and you have added the Extra Value to disable the drop-down list of funds.


Sample Form without Drop-Down Fund List

Create the Ad Hoc Extra Value

Step 1
Go to the Organization that has Online Giving selected as the Online Registration Type and select the Settings > Extra Values tab.
Step 2
Click Show Ad Hoc Extra Values and then click the green Create New Ad Hoc Extra Value.
Step 3
  • Select Code as the Type.
  • Enter DisableFundsDropDown as the name.
  • Enter true as the text value.

Now, just test your registration and you will see the option to give to only one fund.

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