No Phone or DOB on Find Page


This EV is still in flux. As you notice, the name does not exactly match what it does. Currently, it does work as described below.

This Ad Hoc Extra Value NoPhoneEmailOnFind can be added to an online registration organization if you only want to present the following fields for the person to enter to find their record:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email

This means that we are matching on just the name and email address when trying to find a person in the database.

Normally, we present the following fields on that page:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Phone
  • Email Address


By using this EV to change the Find page, it will not change the information that is required when creating a new record during an online registration. If you want to relax those (we do not recommend this), you will use the checkboxes on the Registration > Registration tab.

Add EV to an Organization

Step 1
Go to the organization Settings > Extra Values tab and select Show Ad Hoc Extra Values.
Step 2
Click the green Add Extra Value button.
Step 3
  • Select Data as the Type.
  • Enter NoPhoneEmailOnFind as the Name.
  • Enter true as the Value.
  • Click the Save button.


You must type the EV exactly as you see it above with camel casing and no spaces.

Use Case

This was created for churches that do not want to initially present those other fields in order to find a record. Typically, this might be used for an online pledge or giving registration.


We recommend using this sparingly, not on all of your registrations. By presenting the Date of Birth and Phone, a registrant might find their record even if they do not have an email address. Also, with this EV, you might run into a father / son situation in which the names are the same and the father’s email address is used on the child’s record. In which case, a new record will be created because there will not be a unique match.

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