Recurring Giving Failure Notices

If your church is using online giving, there will be times that a recurring giving transaction will fail. This might be due to an Expired Credit Card, an Invalid Credit card, insufficient funds, a hold call from their bank account, or some other reason. TouchPoint receives notice of the failure from your merchant provider (TransNational, Sage) and we pass that information on to your Finance users.

When this happens, an email notification with the subject Recurring Giving Failed followed by the URL for your church database will be sent either to all users with Finance role, or to the Online Notify person/s listed on the Online Giving organization Settings > Messages tab. See below for how to control who receive these.

The notice will contain a link with the Transaction ID # and the reason for the failure.

Action Required

Click the link in the notification to view the transaction. This will display the name of the donor and the amount of the transaction.

Then, you need to communicate with the donor about the failure. We do send an automatic failure notice to the donor, but they do not always pay attention to these. This is why we suggest you contact the person personally to see if he needs help fixing his recurring giving.

When a recurring giving transaction fails, the contribution will not be posted on the person’s giving record, nor will it be listed in the Online Giving bundle for that day.

This is the only time that is true. When other online transactions fail after the initial processing, they will have already been included in the Online Bundle and put ont he person’s giving record. These should be treated just like a returned check.

You can decide whether or not you want to receive email notices from your processor for each individual failure, or if you prefer to log on to your processor’s website and download the EFT Failure Report.

Control Failure Notice Recipients

If you would like for the failure notices to be sent only to the person(s) listed as the Online Notify Person on the Manage Recurring Giving org, you can follow the instructions below. Otherwise, these notices by default are sent to everyone with Finance role. Your church’s TouchPoint System Admin must be the one to make this change.

Step 1
Go to Administration > Setup > Settings.
Step 2
Change the Setting SendRecurringGiftFailureNoticesToFinanceUsers from true to false.


If the Online Notify Person does not have Finance role, the notice will be sent to all users with Finance role.

Why Send Notices to Online Notify Person/s Only

If your church has users that have been given the Finance role just so they can run reports or oversee contributions, those users probably do not need to receive these notices. You could add just the one user (the person that will communicate with donors) as the Online Notify Person/s on the Manage Recurring Giving organization. Then all the other Finance users would no longer receive those notifications.

Remember, confirmations will still come from the first person listed as the Online Notify Person.

Edit Failed Recurring Giving Notice for Donor

We also send an email notice to the donor letting him know that his recurring giving failed. Your system Admin can edit this message in Administration > Setup > Special Content > HTML Content. The name of this notice is RecurringGiftFailedNotice. You can use the email replacement code {message} to display the message coming from the payment processor, and {amount} for the total amount of the failed donation.

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