Active and Inactive Organizations

Active Organizations
These are orgs that are currently being used, whether they have members or are being used to track headcounts and guests. The Organization Status will be Active.
Inactive Organizations
These are orgs that are no longer having meetings (the semester/term has ended), or orgs used for events that have already taken place, or just any org that is no longer actively being used. Once the term/event/etc has ended, all the members should be dropped and the Status should be changed to Inactive.


Before you change the status to Inactive, you should drop all the members.

Even though members are dropped, you can still find who was previously enrolled by looking at the Previous Members tab on the Organization or by running a search.

Change the Status

The Organization Status is in the header section on the organization page.

Click Edit and select Inactive and Save Changes.

An Inactive Organization can be used again if it is being used for the same purpose. Just Edit and change the Status back to Active.


You have 6 Vacation Bible School classes. After VBS has ended for the current year, drop all the members and change the Status of each organization to Inactive. The next year, instead of creating new organizations, just change the Status to Active and enroll the new members.

You have a bus committee that has members, but the church has decided not to have a bus committee next year. Drop the members and change the Status to Inactive. If you ever need that same committee again, you can make it Active.

To find those Organizations again, Go to Organizations > Search / Manage and change the Status filter to Inactive.


If you have a lot of Organizations to make Inactive, your System Admin can use the Batch Actions - Update Organizations to import a spreadsheet with the status changed from Active (ID is 30) to Inactive (ID is 40).


Never delete organizations if they have been used, as you will lose the enrollment and attendance history associated with the organization. Also, deleted organizations cannot be recovered. A special is role required to delete an organization or a person.

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