Prog/Div/Org Hierarchy Report

Prog/Div/Org Hierarchy Report

This report will display a list of every Program in your database along with its Divisions and its Organizations. Its purpose is to give you a comprehensive view of the structure of your database in regard to organizations and their relationships to Programs and Divisions.

The names of the Programs, Divisions and the Organizations are active links.

  • Click the Program name to open the Organizations > Search Manage page, filtered by that Program.
  • Click a Division name to open the Organizations > Search Manage page filtered by that Division.
  • Click an Organization name to go directly to the Organization.

This is report allows you to scroll down and look at all your active organizations on one long page.

You can also do that same for inactive organizations and you can also use the filters on the page to limit the orgs you see in the list.

This is very useful for new TouchPoint churches to help evaluate their organizational structure. However, it is also really useful for any church to help you clean up your active organizations or just to get a nice overview of your structure.

Generate the Hierarchy Report

Step 1
Go to Organizations > Search/Manage and filter for either Active or InActive as the Status.
Step 2

Then select from the blue Toolbar > cloud icon Special Reports > Prog/Div/Org Hierarchy Report.

The report is interactive and will open in your browser and will include every Program and Division and Organization in your database.


You can also filter by a Program and view all the Divisions and Organizations included in just that Program.

The report contains the following headers:

  • Program
  • Division
  • Members (current)
  • Previous (previous)
  • Visits (for the life of the org)
  • Meetings (for the life of the org)
  • Organization (name)
  • Status (Active or Inactive)

Filtered for Vacation Bible School Program


If an org is in more than one Program and/or Division, it will display multiple times in the list.

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