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Entry Point, Origin and Interest PointΒΆ

Entry Point

The Entry Point is the first place a guest either visits or enrolls in something. This information displays on the person’s record on the Profile > Entry tab. This information is valuable in evaluating which ministries are drawing people into your church.

Every Organization has a setting for Entry Point. It is on the Settings > General tab. Set it by selecting one of the drop down options, such as Worship, Life Group, etc. You should always check the Entry Point when you create a new Organization and change it if necessary. It will automatically have the same Entry Point as the Organization you copied or were viewing when you created the new one.

The Origin is how a person came to be in your database. This will be either due to an Enrollment, a Visit, a Contribution as a New Family Member, etc. The Origin is automatically set based on where/how the record is created. This also displays on the person’s record on the Profile > Entry tab.
Interest Point
The Interest Point is the answer to the question “How did you hear about us?” It is basically what interested the person into attending your church. This might be a Friend, Relative, or Newspaper Ad. This displays on the person’s record on the Profile > Entry tab.

Your church’s System Admin can add or remove items from the list of Entry Points, Origins, and Interest Points based on the needs of your church. These are all located in the Administration > Setup > Lookup Codes table.

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To help you evaluate the ministries that are bringing people into your church, TouchPoint has Conditions in Search Builder for all of these 3 fields.

You could search for recent new members and find out the Origin and Entry Point. This can be very valuable information as you evaluate your ministries.

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