First Family Visit As Of

This Condition located on the Recent Attendance History category tab in Search Builder finds families where the first visit for any family member to anything at the church is during the specified date range.

It is not when the President and his wife visit your church.


First visit by any family member means that, if more than one family member visited, it is looking at the furthest back date for any family member. Then, for all the other conditions in the group, it filters to just those who are in one of those families.


So if Jane Gorgonzola visited 1/11/16 and Paul Gorgonzola visited 6/20/16 and no other family members have visited then, the date used for the comparison for that family is 1/11/16, which is Jane’s visit date. If there are no other conditions, it will return all family members where the first visit by anybody in the family was during the specified date range.

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