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Vital Stats

Vital Stats Report
This report is accessed under Reports in the header, and it has two sections. The first section reports counts of people and the second section reports Contributions. The Vital Stats report looks back 7 days and it not dependent on a date range. It is designed to give you a quick look at the activity in your church for the past week.

In the Contributions section, the calculations are a bit different. See below for an explanation

Each database should have the following Saved Searches named exactly as below (this is where some of the data is gleaned):

  • Stats:Members
  • Stats:Decisions
  • Stats:Attends
  • Stats:New Attends
  • Stats:Contacts
  • Stats:Registrations

These searches, in conjunction with the code found in Administration > Special Content > Python Scripts > VitalStats, will populate the Vital Stats Report. If these searches are not in your database, please use the Help link in the top right corner of your database and Contact Support. We will help you create these searches.

Also, if you need to see different information in the Vital Stats Report for your church, you can revise the Python script. If you need help contact Support.

The following is what is reported using the basic script. You can modify the script to report other items. You can also modify the searches that go along with the script.


This section relates to people activity.

  • Members

    This will be the total number of people in the database with a church Member Status of Member.

  • Decisions

    This will be the number of Decisions recorded in the past 7 days.

  • Meetings

    This is the total number of meetings for all organizations.

  • Sum of Present in Meetings

    This is the total count of attendees in all meetings. A single person will be counted more than once if they attend more than one meeting.

  • Unique Attends

    This is the count of individual people who attended any meeting.

  • New Attends

    This is the count of anyone with an attend type of New Guest for any meeting.

  • Contacts

    This is the total count of Contacts that have been recorded.

  • Registrations

    This is the count of all online registrations. A single person will be counted more than once if they registered for more than one event.


This section contains information relating to receipts.

  • Average per Donor per Year

    This is the average dollar amount received per person this year (past 365 days).

  • Weekly 4 Week Average

    This is the weekly average received in the past 4 weeks.

  • Weekly Average Current Year

    This is the weekly average received in the current 52 weeks.

  • Weekly Average Previous Year

    This is the weekly average received in the previous 52 weeks.

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