Custom Login Shell - Sample 4 ============================= This sample login shell has both a logo (as part of the logon form) and a background image. The logo, image, button color and footer text can be customized, as well as the transparency of the logon form. .. important:: If you plan to make extensive changes to the login shell, the person making the changes should be familiar with HTML and CSS. It is beyond the scope of TouchPoint Support to customize the shell for you or to guide you on how to do it yourself. Our support of customization is limited to the items mentioned about when the steps below are followed. Customizing the Logo --------------------- You can replace the log in this login shell with your own. The replacement log should be of sufficient quality and resolution to appear crisp on various screen sizes. (The Touchpoint logo in this sample code is 300 x 62 pixels.) To use your own logo, replace the URL on line 144 with the URL to the new logo. Make sure that the URL begins with `https:`; otherwise the login page may present a security warning to users. Customizing the Image --------------------- You can replace the background image in this login shell. The replacement image should be approximately the same size and proportions as the included image (1950 x 1300 pixels). To use your own image, replace the URL on line 14 with the URL to the new image. Make sure that the URL begins with `https:`; otherwise the login page may present a security warning to users. Customizing the Transparency of the Logon Form ---------------------------------------------- The transparency of the logon form is already configured for most uses. But, depending on the background image you use, you may wish to adjust it slightly. The transparency is controlled by a number between zero and one: zero is completely transparent (invisible) and one is completely opaque. In most cases, you will want a setting around 0.5. To adjust the transparency, change the final parameter (`0.6`) on line 58. Customizing the Button Color ---------------------------- If desired, you can change the color of the `Sign In` button to match the colors in the background image or your church's primary branding colors. Specify the color in RGB hexadecimal format. (For a handy converter for finding the hexadecimal representation, see Enter the color by replacing the hexadecimal numbers on lines 27 & 28. You will also want to change the color of the button when the cursor is hovering over it. For this, we recommend a slightly darker shade of the primary button color. Enter this by replacing the hexadecimal numbers on lines 33 & 34. Customizing the Footer Text --------------------------- You will certainly want to customize the text in the footer of the login form. To do this, edit the text on lines 148 & 149. If you are including a email address, as this sample does, simply replace the email address both in the **href** and in the address show after the closing angle bracket (>) of the **href**. If you include a website address also (or instead) use the same **href** code but use the website URL in place of the `mailto:` address. For example:: TouchPoint Software Using the Sample 4 Code ----------------------- To use this sample login shell, copy the code below and paste it into an HTML Content file as directed in :doc:`CustomLogin`. Then make any desired customizations with the file in `Source` view. .. code-block:: html :linenos: TouchPoint
| | +--------------------+------------------+ | **Latest Update** | **02/27/2020** | +--------------------+------------------+ Added code lines 64-66 to make input visible for 2FA authentication code entry.