Development Partner Program FAQ

What is a “Development Partner Church”?

A Development Partner Church will have access to the TouchPoint code for the purposes of helping build features and functionality. You may view existing code and submit new code for consideration, review, and quality assurance / user acceptance testing (QA / UAT) with the desire of it being added to TouchPoint’s main code base. In addition to the TouchPoint development team’s annual roadmap, many churches contribute code that, after approval, becomes available to the community of churches using TouchPoint.

How does my church become a “Development Partner Church”?

This program is available to all partner churches in *good standing. Becoming a development partner church is easy. Simply fill out this form to get started. After your submission has been reviewed and the church is verified as being in good standing, additional forms will be sent via docusign regarding licensing, terms of use, and intellectual property. Once these are signed by an approved signer for the church, we will grant you access to our code on GitHub.

*A partner church in good standing simply means that the church is on one of our latest subscription plans, they have no outstanding invoices, and users have abided by our terms of service.

Is there any additional cost to becoming a “Development Partner Church”?

No. This is available to all partner churches in good standing. Certain requirements (e.g., periodic submissions) may be instituted in order for a specific user’s access to remain active.

Are there limits to what I can do as a “Development Partner Church”?

Code usage must comply with our terms of use. All development projects should follow the guiding principles as outlined in our wiki and be coordinated with either our Lead Developer or Head of Product before starting the work. This way we can ensure your project plan will meet the criteria to be merged into the code base. All work must be approved and pass code review, QA, UAT, and regression testing (RT) before being merged in. Simply submitting code does not guarantee that it will be merged.

I have more questions, who should I contact?

Please send any additional questions to our Client Success Team at

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