Job Description- Developer

Job Brief

We are looking for a qualified Full Stack Developer to work with all aspects of our open source software and service. Your job will entail adding new features, managing the database, managing our cloud infrastructure, building database conversions, and fixing bugs.

We are a small shop and you will be working with experienced developers and outside contributors to the open source project.


  • Web Development - Add new functionality to the main application, from simple, one-day projects to much larger projects.

  • Bug Fixes - Track down reported bugs and repair.

  • Database Conversions - Convert a new customer’s database from other church management systems.

  • Devops - We host our clients on Rackspace using Windows Server VMs hosted in a hypervisor web farm. You would manage and monitor these and install software updates.

  • Custom Reports - Help clients build custom reports and Python scripts for their specific database.

  • Product Specialist collaboration - You will support and collaborate with our main support agents who work directly with our clients.

  • Github collaboration with outside contributors - Work with issues and pull requests.

  • Testing / Quality Control - Work with our product specialists helping devise a plan for testing and validating new features in a sandbox environment.

  • Write APIs - As new APIs are needed for our Python extensibility interface.


Knowledge of and experience with the following technologies and languages:


  • C# / LINQ / Regular Expressions / XML / JSON

  • HTML / CSS / Bootstrap 3.2+

  • Javascript / JQuery / Ajax

  • SQL Server / SQL

  • Python

  • Git / GitHub / Open Source

As a part of the job application process, we will be asking for a pull request to our open source repository at related to a minor issue of our choice. This will demonstrate the candidate’s basic ability in a typical process our developers engage in.