Contact Report

Contact Report

This report is generated from the blue Toolbar > Cloud > Reports. It contains information about any Contacts that have been made toward those included in the target group. Its original purpose was to provide tool for a minister who makes follow-up phone calls to guests. He needed to know the results of previous contacts. This report provides a summary of what has already been done in the way of Contacts toward the individuals. By default, this report sorts alphabetically.

It also contains an attendance string (dots for absent and P for present), which indicates when the person has attended anything in the past 52 weeks.

The Contacts section first lists information from the Profile > Entry tab on the person’s record. The subsequent items are directly from any Contacts that have been made.

The best use case is to run this report for the search builder results when you search for recent guests.

Sample Report

Sort by Address

The option just below the Contact Report is one that sorts by the address instead of alphabetically.

It sorts first by State, City, and then Street Address. This is very helpful for people living at the same address, but who have different last names. When you sort by address, they will all be grouped together.

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