Status Flag Export

This export is designed to display every Status Flag in your database and indicates which apply to those in your target group. This is an option wherever you see the blue Toolbar. It is located under Cloud > Export Excel > Status Flag Export

Status Flags play an important role in helping you evaluate your membership, for assimilation, and more. This export is a tool to assist you with that evaluation.

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Status Flags

The first 9 columns are standard on every Status Flag export. They are as follows:

  • People ID #

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Age

  • Marital Status

  • Decision Type

  • Decision Date

  • Join Date

  • Baptism Status

All the other columns are based on the Status Flag searches that are in your church’s TouchPoint database. Each Status Flag saved search will be displayed in a separate column. If the person included in the export fits that condition, there will be an X in the column.

Exception - Protected Status Flags

If a Status Flag is Limited by Role, only those with that role will have that Status Flag included in their export.


You can create a saved search that finds everyone with a recent Join Date. When you run the Status Flag export you will be able to see which of the new members also meet other criteria for which you have created Status Flags. Those Status Flags might include Connected (to find those in a Life Group), Active (to find those attending frequently), and Giving (to find those who contribute). First start with creating the Status Flags, then you will find many uses for the export. Remember, protect Status Flags that indicate something confidential.

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