Building Check-In Process

Building Check-In

This type of Check-In was created to be used in an activities building / gym where you want to monitor and control who comes into the building. Each church sets the parameters that fit their needs. Example: Members, or anyone enrolled in a Life Group, who is 14 yrs old or older. By using an age requirement, the child must be with an adult. This can use a saved search (Status Flag) created with your criteria. So, you can also create an Extra Value and include it in your search to allow certain people access when they do not fit the normal criteria.

The designed setup uses dual monitors - one for the person checking in (which displays the keypad), and the other for an attendant behind the desk. The attendant screen displays a picture and any notes about that person.


For this reason, Building Check-In requires the PC application running on a Windows device. It is not supported on iOS or Android tablets.

Building Check-In allows for members to bring guests, if you want. You can place a limit on the number of guests one person can bring into the building.

Unlike normal Check-In, Building Check-In does not use organizations and meetings. It uses a set of Activities that each church creates in Special Content. When a person checks in, TouchPoint captures the date and time along with the Activities selected. The system also records if the person brought any guests.

The Check-In Activity report gives you all of that information. It is a great way to help you evaluate how your building is being used.

Like normal Check-In, this type uses a phone number for the person to check-in. So, it is very quick and easy. A new record can be added at the kiosk if the member brings a guest who is not in the database. Also, you can edit an existing record and take a photo, if you have a camera attached.

How it Works for the Attendant

When someone enters their phone number, the Attendant will see the individual’s photo on the right side of the Attendant Console. They will also see any notes under their picture.

Because matching a person with their photo is an important feature of Building Check-In, the Attendant will want to take a photo if there is not one on the person’s record.

On the left side of the screen is a running history of that day’s check-in activity. If someone cannot check in, they will see a message giving the reason.

If the Attendant needs to add a note he can do so on the Attendant Console.


The Attendant must have the user role Checkin.

How It Works for the Person Checking In

Step 1
A member enters his phone number and presses Go.
Step 2

The names of the family members associated with that number are displayed.

He then presses the blue box beside his name, which will open the Activity List. He then presses the Activity (or Activities) for that visit and then presses OK.


If a person presses the blue box, and does not select an activity, he will be shown as checking in with an activity of Other.

Step 3
If another family member were also checking in, they would follow the same procedure, beginning with pressing the blue box beside his name.
Step 4

He then presses Return.

If he has no guests, he will select No Add’l Guests and he’s finished.

If he has a guest, he will select Add Guests.

Then the keypad will come up, so their guest can enter their phone number. If they are in the database, they follow the same steps to select their activity.

If there are additional guests, follow the same procedure.


The software has a built-in timer that will not allow someone to check back in within 5 hours. So, a person can come to the building and check in at 6:00 AM to use the track. But he will not be able to check back in until after 11:00 AM. This is to prevent poeple from using someone else’s phone number to check in, while that person is already checked in.

If the guest is not in the database

Step 1

If the guest is not found, the message not found, try again or use 4 1 1 appears.

At this point, they can try another phone number or the attendant can enter 4 1 1 and the Admin PIN# and help the person search by name.

Step 2

If they are not found with either a phone number or name, the Attendant will press the magic button then select Add New Family.

Enter all of the information presented on each screen, making sure you continue to the last screen and press Finish.

The next time the guest comes with the member, their information will already be in the database.

If a person (member or guest) does not have a picture

Step 1
After entering their phone number, the attendant can press the magic button on the touchscreen monitor and enter the Admin PIN #.
Step 2

The Attendant will then press the person’s name.


Names for those without pictures, have a white background. Those with pictures, have a light orange background.

This will open the camera.

Have the person stand in front of the camera in good light, so that you get a head and shoulders picture. Then click Take Picture.

Center the yellow frame around the picture. The simplest way to do that is to click on their nose in the picture.

Press Send to Server, and then press Return when finished. The next time they sign in, their photo will appear on the Attendant Console.


If you take a photo and are not satisfied with it, click Show Camera and take another photo.

If the person is missing some information on their record

Step 1
While viewing the person’s on the Check-In screen, the Attendant will press the magic button to activate the Menu, and enter the Admin PIN #.
Step 2
Press the Menu button beside that person’s name
Step 3

Then select Edit Record, and proceed through each screen, verifying every piece of information with the person.

When you get to the last screen, press the Finish button. The information is not uploaded to the server until you press Finish.


If you make a change to Home Phone or Address, you will be changing it for the entire family.

If the person needs to add a family member

Step 1
Complete Steps 1 & 2 above.
Step 2
Select Add Family Member from the Menu beside the any existing family member’s name.
Step 3

Proceed through each screen entering the information requested. Any information related to the family (home phone, address), will not be asked for.

Press Finish when you reach the last screen.


The New People Manager(s) will receive an email when anything is changed on a record during Check-In. This allows him/her to look at the record and verify that everything looks correct.

If the attendant needs to add a note

Step 1
Click the line of history (on the left side of the screen) that relates to the person about whom you need to add a note.
Step 2
Place your cursor in the notes field and enter the text.
Step 3
Press Save.

Building Check-In Notes

The recreation notes are added to a Standard Extra Value on the person’s people record. The EV is created by your System Admin before you begin using Building Check-In. It should be locked with a Visibility Role.

Because the Notes are using a Standard Extra Value, that EV will appear on every people record in the database, but without any data until something is added. So, you can find the EV and add (or edit) the notes there on the person’s record or during Check-In.


If you have Members Only as a requirement in your text file for Building Check-In:

A non-member who tries to check-in without a member, will see this message.
If using the Attendant Console:

You will see a History of those checking in (and a picture if they have one on their record):
Family Screen:

Touch blue box to view activity list.
Activity list:

Check those that apply.
Activity now selected:

Press green button to complete.,Return.png
Add guests:

Yes/No options.
If Yes is selected:

Enter phone number of guest.
Guest record is found:

Touch blue box to select his activities

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