Key Fobs and Scanners

We occasionally are asked if TouchPoint Check-In supports the use of a key fob and scanner. Our experience over a number of years of using Check-In is that providing a key fob or card for scanning takes longer, is far more trouble, and plus it adds an unnecessary cost. We have actually used these in several situations and they were never a good experience. Yes, they have a bit of a ‘cool’ factor, but they bring too much trouble and pain as well.

You must first associate the key FOB with a person’s record. This takes time. Also, people will continually lose their key FOB, or forget to bring it. So, when you offer this type of capability, you are bound to take up precious time during a very hectic time already. Therefore, we think it is not a good idea for check-in at a church.

Furthermore, because people will forget or misplace their key fob at one time or another, at a minimum you have to allow them to search by phone number. It turns out the phone number search is extremely fast. It takes about three seconds at most to enter a phone number, and everybody knows how to do that. Consequently, we have decided that this feature is not necessary or even desirable for TouchPoint Check-In.

Finally, as mentioned earlier, using the phone number is much more cost-effective for the ministry since you do not have to purchase extra scanners (one for each kiosk) and figure out how and where to mount the thing, nor do you have to purchase expensive key FOB printers and the key FOB material itself.

TouchPoint Check-In does support the use of a PIN#. We created this especially for those children who are brought to church by relatives or neighbors instead of their parents. This PIN# can be any number that can be easily remembered by those bringing the child to church. They can use that number instead of a phone number to check in all children in that family.