PC Check-In Processes

In addition to using a phone number to check a person into a class, there are other features in Check-In.

Choose Family-Multiple Families with Same Number

After entering a phone number on the Check-In keypad, if you see a page entitled Choose a Family, and a list of families, that means that there is more than one family in the database with the same phone number. You will see a list of names representing each family with the phone number. The name displayed will be that of the Head of Household for each family. Select the family that has those who are checking in. Then proceed with normal Check-In.

You will want to make sure you get the data cleaned up.

If the families list are not in the same family as those checking in:
Make a note of the family names and give that to a staff member, so they can contact the family and get all the correct information. Then they can merge the members into the same family.
If there are multiple families with the same number:

You can usually find out from the people checking in if the other family with the same number is actually a member of their family or not. If they are not, then it is not a valid number for that other family. Jot down the phone number and return to that family list and Edit the records, removing the phone number. Or give the information to a staff member to handle later.

If you do not remove the number, each time the person checks in, they will see those multiple families.


You can edit family and personal information and even add new members to the family during check-in, but you cannot merge two existing families during the check-in process.

Add a New Family/Person

If neither the individual nor a family member is found, you can add a new family.

When you use this feature, you will be creating a people record as well as a family record at the same time.

Step 1

After an unsuccessful Name Search, you will be on the page displaying Not Found, try another name?

Press the Magic Button and then press the Add New Family button.

Step 2

Complete the information as requested on each page, pressing Next after each entry.

If the guest is a child that has come with a friend, there may be some information that they do not know. Just press Next to go to the next screen.

Pressing Clear will clear everything from that screen.

You can also use backspace to make corrections.

Press Go Back if you need to return to the previous screen to make a correction.

Continue to the final screen and press Finish to save the information.

Step 3

You will now be on the page to Select a class. Those displayed will be those classes that are appropriate for that individual’s date of birth based on the Start / End Birth Dates on those organizations.

If the class has multiple schedules / meetings for that day, you will see a row for each meeting time. Select the box for any meetings the person will attend.


If you need to put a child in a lower grade (perhaps their age puts them in 2nd grade, but they have been held back and need to be in a 1st grade class), press the Magic Button to display all classes that allow check-in and select the correct one.

If you do not have other family members to add, press Print Labels, Return, give the family the labels and direct them to the class.

If there are other family members present, see instructions below to Add to Family.

Add to Family

If you find a family member, but not the individual, or if you need to just add a new person to an exiting family or to a new family you just created, here are the instructions.

Step 1
While viewing the family, press the Magic Button then select Menu > Add to Family for any person in the family.
Step 2
Follow Step 2 above. Any fields that are for the entire family, such as the address and home phone number, will already be populated.
Step 3
After adding the person, press the Magic Button, and then select Menu > Visit a Class. Proceed as described below to Visit a Class

Edit a Record

If you do not find someone using their phone number, but find the individual using a name search, be sure to edit the record and add their correct phone number. Also, if the person lets you know that they have moved, changed phone numbers, etc. you can edit the record during Check-In.

Step 1
While viewing the family, press the Magic Button then select Menu > Edit Record for the person whose record needs editing.
Step 2
Proceed and edit their record, moving through each screen making any necessary changes. Make sure you go all the way to the final screen and press Finish.
Step 3
Complete checking in the family.

Visit a Class

When you add a new family, you will be taken directly to page to select a class. When you add a person to a family, you will select the Menu > Visit a Class.

Step 1
Select the class the person wants to visit. If you are using the Start and End Birthdates for your organizations, only classes that are age-appropriate will display. This will mark the person present.
Step 2
If you do not see an appropriate class (if a child has been held back in school, for example), press the Magic Button to view all classes. Scroll down to view more classes. Select a class.
Step 3
Once everyone has been checked in, press the green Print Labels, Return button.

Disable Join Setting

In the Start Up Settings for Check-In, you have the option to Disable Join. If you select that, then Join a Class, Join this Class, and Drop this Class will not display as options. We prefer to disable join on Sunday mornings, so that all guests will first visit a class. We also disable this so that all enrollment changes will be made in the office, not during Check-In.

Join A Class / Join This Class

For first-time guests, you would almost always want to select Visit a Class, not Join a Class. However, if a person has been visiting several weeks and would like to join, you can enroll them using Check-In.

If the person has visited the class previously:

Step 1
While viewing the family, press the Magic Button then select Menu beside the class the person wants to join. Then select Join This Class.
Step 2
If they are attending that class be sure to press the blue box to mark them present.
Step 3
Continue checking in the family.

If the person has not visited the class previously:

Step 1
While viewing the family, press the Magic Button then select Menu beside the person’s name. Then select Join A Class. This will open the list of classes. Select the one you want.
Step 2
Mark them present if they are attending that class that day.
Step 3
Continue checking in the family.

Drop This Class

If a person is enrolled in a class they no longer attend, you can drop their enrollment in the class during Check-In.

Step 1
While viewing the family, press the Magic Button then select Menu beside the class the person wants to drop. Then select Drop This Class.
Step 2
Proceed with checking in the family.

Take Picture

If a person’s name is highlighted in orange, that means they have a picture on their record. You can press the name and view the picture, after pressing the Magic Button and entering the Admin PIN#. You can take a new one, if you want. Or, if there is no picture and if you have a camera attached to your PC, you can press the name and take a picture.

Step 1
Press the Magic Button, then select the name for the person for whom you want to take a picture.
Step 2
In the pop-up dialog, press the yellow Take Picture button.
Step 3

In the next window, your camera will be open. Be sure to have the person’s head and shoulders centered in front of the camera. Press the Take Picture button. You will see a yellow border around the photo. You can reposition the border by pressing where you want the center of the photo to be. Then press Send to Server.


If you want to re-take the photo, press Show Camera and repeat the process.

Step 4
Proceed with checking in the family.


If the kiosk is using an all-in-one computer, you may not be able to get a good angle for a picture. Or, even if you have an external camera attached, you may not be able to get proper lighting. However, smart phones take great pictures. You can use the TouchPoint app, find the person in the database, and take the photo using a phone instead. That can be done when the person reaches the classroom by one of the leaders.

Reprint All Labels

If you return to Family Check-In, perhaps to edit a record, take a photo, or to check to see if everyone is already checked in, you do not need to reprint labels. Actually, unless you make a change, the button says only Return, not Print Labels, Return. Pressing Return will not print any labels.

If you return to a family list and you need all the labels reprinted, check the box Reprint all Labels, then press the Print Labels, Return button. You would need this if a parent loses their labels. Or, you might need this if the parent checks in another child and they want to keep the same security tag for all their children.

Print Labels for Additional Children

If a parent checks in some of their children, then later the other parent checks in an additional child, when the parent clicks Print Labels, Return, the only labels that will print will be for that additional child, including a security tag for that parent.

If the parent unchecks those previously checked in, it will remove their attendance!

Extra Value PIN #

TouchPoint also has a feature that allows a child to have an Extra Value PIN # put on their record. This PIN # can be used by anyone (parents, grandparents, aunts or uncles) to check-in a child. The PIN # would be entered on the keypad instead of the phone number. It should be a number that is easy for those family members to remember. This is very helpful when children normally attend with someone other than their parents.

Mobile Check-In

The processes for Mobile Check-In are a little different from those for PC Check-In. You will want to review both articles to get a full understanding of how each one works.