Check-In Users

Each database should have a user role named Checkin. This is the only role that is needed in order to log into TouchPoint Check-In.

We recommend that you create a people record to use exclusively for logging into Check-In. Once you create the people record, create a user account and select only the Checkin role.


Checkin is the only role that you can assign to a user without also needing to assign the Access role. Checkin has a special use case.

Check-In User Records

If you have stations for children and for students, create people records named Child Check-In and Student Check-In in the same family. Create user accounts for each one with usernames of Child and Student accordingly. Set passwords and assign only the Checkin role. All of your children’s Check-In stations will log in using Child and the student Check-In stations will log in using Student.

The reason we recommend this type of set up is so you can give the username and password to a volunteer who can open your Check-In kiosks, but who cannot use those same credentials to log in to the normal TouchPoint application and have access to all of the people records in the database.

Latest Update 3/8/2022

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