Printing Labels from Mobile Check-In

If you are using the Mobile TouchPoint Check-In app for Check-In and want to print labels, you will need the following:

  1. iPad(s) or Android tablets with the TouchPoint Check-In app installed.
  2. A PC that is dedicated as your Print PC, with the latest version of TouchPoint Check-In Software` installed.
  3. A thermal label printer installed on the Print PC.

The information in this article deals with the special settings used for printing labels when using Mobile Check-In. Please read the Check-In Settings article to find out about the other options in the Settings.

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You will be able to use the Print PC for regular Check-In, but only if you start up another instance of Check-In. In other words, open the software twice, once for printing and once for checking in people. See Two Instances of Check-In on the Print PC below.

How does the label printing work?

When you press Print Labels on the mobile device, you are sending a Print message from the device to the server. The Print PC (with the printer attached) will poll the server every 10 seconds and request all the print jobs for the Kiosks (tablets) indicated. There is a Check Now button that will display on the PC. You can press that if you do not want to wait the number of seconds remaining in the countdown.

The Mobile Check-In app does not communicate with a printer; it communicates with the server. The server communicates with the Print PC, which communicates with the printer. This all happens very quickly. Here is the order of the process: Mobile Check-In App > Server > Print PC > Printer

Will Bluetooth printers work?
Yes, but only if the Print PC has Bluetooth capability. You will always print from the Print PC, not from the app on mobile device.
Can I use a Tablet as the Print PC?
Yes, but only if the laptop / tablet is something such as Windows Pro. It must run the full version of Windows and have the normal TouchPoint Check-In Software installed. You cannot print directly from the TouchPoint Check-In app to a printer, whether it is Bluetooth or not.

Check-In Setup for Mobile Device(s)

Step 1
Open the Mobile TouchPoint Check-In app on the iPad or Android tablet and login.
Step 2

On the Setup page, enter the Kiosk Name.


It doesn’t matter what you name the Kiosk. However, when you enter the name in the Settings on the Print PC as the Kiosks To Print For, the names must match exactly. They are case-sensitive. We recommend not using any spaces.

Step 3
Verify the other settings and then press Start Check-In.
Step 4
Repeat Steps 1-3 for any other mobile devices you are using for Check-In. Make sure the Kiosk names are different for each device.

Check-In Settings for the Print PC

Step 1
Start up the Check-In software on the Print PC and select Print from Server as the Print Mode.
Step 2
Enter the name of the Kiosks To Print For exactly as you named it on the device itself. If you are printing for multiple devices, separate each name with a comma. You do not enter anything in the Kiosk Name field.
Step 3

Select the correct Printer and click Start.

This is what the Countdown screen will look like. Notice the Check Now button. Press that if you want the labels to print before the end of the countdown.

Two Instances of Check-In on the Print PC

If you plan to use the PC both as the Print PC as well as for normal Check-In, use the steps above for setting up one instance of Check-In as the Print PC.

Open Check-In again, and use the normal settings instructions for actual Check-In. For this instance, the Print Mode will be Print to Printer.

In this scenario, the Countdown screen will not display. It will be behind the Check-In screen.

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