Testing Check-In

As part of your preparation for using TouchPoint Check-In, you will want to take time to test not only your equipment (touchscreen computers or iPad and printers), but also your organization setup.

This is the most important thing you can do to ensure a positive experience for your members, guests, and your volunteers. Do not wait until the day you plan to start using check-in to test it!

Check-In Organizations:

Here are a few reminders regarding the organizations that you want to display for check-in:

  • Set Allow Self Check-In to Yes.
  • Add the Start Birth Date and End Birth Date in order to direct your guests to the age-appropriate class.
  • Add a Schedule for those classes that meet weekly.
  • If you have multiple campuses, assign a Campus so that the correct classes display at each campus.

Testing Check-In

Be very thorough in your testing, so that your members and guests have a very positive experience from day one.

Open Check-In / Settings Page

Step 1

Become familiar with the Settings before you test.

Step 2
Open Check-In and log in.
Step 3

On the Settings page, set each of the following and then press Start:

  • Campus

    If you have multiple campuses, be sure to test each campus. Select one campus from the Campus dropdown and test, and then repeat with each campus. If you do not have multiple campuses, you do not need a campus on the organizations or in your database.

  • Day of Week

    For PC Check-In, select the day of the week to simulate. If you will be checking in children on Sundays, select Sunday from the Day of Week drop down. It will default to the current day.

    For Mobile Check-In, check Enable Testing, and then select the day.


    When using Mobile Check-In, each time you log in, if you want to test, you will need to select Enable Testing. Also, when you are in Testing Mode, you will see a message at the top of the screen reminding of that. It will say Testing and the day of the week you have selected.

    You can leave Testing Mode without logging out by going into Administration Mode, and then selecting the other options icon in the top right of the screen (the 3 vertical dots) Then select Turn Testing Mode Off. Check-In will then use the current day.

  • Check-In Hours / Minutes

    Set the Early Check-In Hours and Late Check-In Minutes far enough ahead or late to accommodate for the current time. If it is 1:00 PM when you are testing, but your classes are 8:00 AM, set the Late Check in Minutes to All Day.


    The Early and Late settings you will use for normal check-in will most likely be different than what you use for testing. You will need to log out and back in to adjust those settings for PC and Mobile Check-In. If you turn off Testing Mode on the Mobile Check-In, it will not change the time settings, only the day of the week.

  • Printer

    Select the Printer from the dropdown menu. Your computer should recognize the label printer.


    For Mobile Check-In, select the Printer on the PC where you have installed the Check-In software and the printer. The complete the kiosk information.

  • Kiosk To Print For and Kiosk Name

    Skip this is you are using PC Check-In and have a printer for each computer. For Mobile Check-In (or for printing from multiple computers to one printer), enter the name of the Kiosk To Print For. Enter the Kiosk Name, which is either the name of the tablet or the PC for which you are printing.

  • Admin PIN # and Timeout

    Enter an Admin PIN# and the number of seconds for the Admin PIN Timeout.

Practice Checking In and Editing

For complete instructions on using Check-In see the article for the type of Check-In you will be using.

Step 1
Enter the phone numbers of several children who are enrolled in the various classes and check them into their class. Be sure you follow through and actually print the labels.
Step 2

Enter a phone number for someone in the database, but not enrolled in one of those organizations, and practice using the Magic Button / Administrative Mode to activate the Menu. Then Find a Class for the person to visit.


To verify that your start and end birth date ranges are correct, use someone with the appropriate age. Also, it is good to test using a person in the database without a date of birth, so you will experience what happens regarding the appropriate classes.

Step 3
Enter a phone number that is not in your database, and add a new person to the database. Then find a class for that person. If you have a camera attached to your kiosk or are using a tablet, go ahead and take a photo. You can always delete it later. Continue by adding other members to the family.
Step 4

Find a person and edit their record to experience how that works. Then, Add a person to the Family, so you experience which information is requested when the family already exists.

PC Check-in uses the Menu to Add to Family. Mobile Check-In has a link in the top right corner for that purpose.

Tasks After Testing

Close Check-In

After testing, close check-in by pressing zero-one-zero and then the Go button.


Never leave Check-In open on your kiosks; always close it at the end of the session. This will insure that you are using the latest version when you re-open it the next time.

Clean Up the Orgs

Go to the organizations you used for testing and Delete the meetings that you just created and remove any fake visitor records.


If no one at your church has the Delete role, use the Help link in your church database to contact support and let us know what you need.

Common Mistakes

If you do not experience what you expect when testing, here are some potential issues:

  • On the Settings page in Check-In, the day for which you want to test is not selected. Remember, it will default to the current day, and you will need to change it (use Testing Mode for Mobile Check-In).
  • The early/late hours/minutes are not set to take into consideration the actual time you are testing. You can select the day to simulate, but you cannot simulate the time.
  • Organizations do not have Schedules.
  • Organizations are not flagged to Allow Self Check-In.
  • Your printer is not configured correctly for the size labels you are using.