Web Check-In Setup

Below we list the broad steps for preparing to use Web Check-In. Many of the steps include links to other help articles that contain more complete information. Carefully read the linked article and then return to this master article to continue with the setup steps.

Procure the Hardware

If you have been using the older version of TouchPoint Check-In, you may already have what you need. The hardware requirements for Web Check-In are very similar, with one important exception: Your Check-In stations can be any device capable of running a web browser.

The requirements for label printers and the print server are still much the same as with the older version of Check-In. You will still need to have the printers installed on one or more PCs running the Windows operating System.

See Hardware List for TouchPoint Check-In for more information.

Install Printers and the Check-In Print Server

The label printers will need to be installed (whether wired or wireless) on PCs running the Windows operating system (7, 8, or 10) with the TouchPoint Check-In Print Server installed. For information about installing and configure the print servers, see Print Server for Web Check-In.

Configure Administration Settings

The administration settings for Web Check-In are found at Administration > Settings, on the Features tab and in the Check-In section. Web Check-In is enabled by setting EnableWebCheckin to True.

There are also settings for EarlyCheckin and LateCheckin. Enter the minutes you will allow people to check into classes before (EarlyCheckin) or after (LateCheckin) the start time. These system-wide settings can be overridden by settings on each individual organization’s Settings > Check-In tab.

Configure Organizations for Check-In

For each organization involved, adjust Check-In-specific settings as described in Organization Settings for Check-In.

Select Labels

Based on the size of your labels (1-inch or 2-inch) and the information you want on them, select the appropriate labels at Administration > Check-In: Labels (Web). For more information and a description of the available label formats, see Web Check-In Labels.

Prepare Profiles

Profiles are saved settings for Check-In. They can be managed at Administration > Check-In: Profiles. For information about creating and configuring profiles, along with explanations of the available options, see Web Check-In Profiles.


We strongly advise you to conduct thorough testing after you have configured Web Check-In as described in this article. Even if you have extensive experience with the older version of Check-In, you will want to confirm by testing that your equipment works with Web Check-In and that you and your staff are familiar with the revised processes.

Test all the Check-In activities that you anticipate using:

  • Checking in organization members.
  • Checking in guests to organizations.
  • Printing labels.
  • Adding new people records through Check-In.
  • Modifying existing people records through Check-In.

You can create or modify profiles to use when you log in for testing, so that your session simulates Check-In on a specific day of the week. For directions, see the section on the Testing Tab in Web Check-In Profiles.

See also

For guidance in the various Check-In operations you may wish to test, see Using Web Check-In.

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