Contact Search Page

To access the Contact Search page go to the People header and select Contacts under Manage People. When you first go to the page, you will see an unfiltered list of all Contacts that have been entered into the database (with the exception of any that are protected by a role that you do not have), but it also has a number of filters you can use to find the Contacts you want. These enable you to sort by any number of combinations.

Select or enter any of the following and press Search.

Contactee Name
This is the person who received the Contact.
Contactor Name
This is the person who made the Contact. That would be the minister, ministry team, or lay leader.
Contact Start Date
This is the date the Contact was made. When looking for a range, this would be the start date.
Contact End Date
This is end of a date range.


If only a Start Date is selected without an End Date, the search will be through the current date.

Created By
Enter either the username or the People ID # of the person who actually recorded the Contact. This is helpful if you have volunteers or staff entering Contact results for other individuals and you want to track that information.
Contact Type
The drop down list comes from the Contact Types that are in the Lookup Codes for your database, and can be edited by your church’s system admin. This list represents the sort of contact made, such as Personal Visit, or Phone Call.
Contact Reason
This drop down list represents why the Contact was made, such as In-Reach, Out-Reach, or Health. This list comes from the Lookup Codes in your database, and can be edited by your church’s system admin.
This is the list of ministries responsible for making Contacts. The list comes from the Lookup Codes in your database, and can be edited by your church’s system admin.
The results are the checkboxes on the Contact form itself. This indicates if you made contact, left a message, and so forth.
When this is box is checked, you can find any Contacts that have been entered, but that are incomplete. That is, they have missing bits of information such as Contactee and Contactor.

Other Options

Convert to Search (Contactors)
Click the arrow beside the Search button for this option which will build a Search Builder search with the results being everyone that made one of the contacts in your search.
Contactor Summary Report

This is an option under the Other Reports drop down and looks at three factors: Start Date, End Date (both of which are required to generate the report) and a Ministry (which is optional). It will ignore any other options that are in your search.

The report lists the name of each person that made a Contact, their People ID #, the Description of the Contact, the Ministry Name and the number of Contacts of that type and Ministry that the person made during the selected date range. This means that one person might be listed multiple times if they made more than one type of Contact and/or made contacts for more than one Ministry.

Contact Type Totals
This report is also an option under the Other Reports drop down and looks at all Contact for the past 1000 days and does not use any of the filters on the search page. The report contains three columns: Description, # of Contacts, and # of People. The descriptions are links to searches built on the fly for those who received contacts of that type.


The search looks back 1000 days, but you can adjust the number of days in the Condition once you are in Search Builder.

Contact Summary
This report is also located under the Other Reports drop down. It works best if you filter by a Ministry, Type, or Reason. The report has columns for Count, Contact Type, Reason, Ministry, Has Comments, Has Date and Has Contactor. The last three columns will be empty if that type of data is on the contact. If the data is missing, you will see No Comments (for example) in the Comments column