Required Files for Giving Types

There are six files that you must install and modify to suit your needs. Each file is discussed, with more instructions and exlanation in separate documents. The headings below are links to descriptions and content for each one of the files. Those files are:

GivingTypesData Python Script

This is the Python script that is run every day during the morning batch and caches the data for fast reporting.

GivingTypesData SQL Script

This is a SQL script that delivers the data to GivingTypesData Python script.

GivingTypes Python Script

This is the Python script that produces the report.

GivingTypes Html Shell

This is the basic Html template used for the report. It contains the style information and a placeholder for the tables.

GivingTypes Html Table Template

This is the basic Html table template used for each table on the report.

GivingTypesValidate SQL Script

This is the SQL report that helps validate the set up of the type categories.

GivingTypesData Text

You do not have to install this file as it is created each time the GivingTypesData Python script is run. The file contains the cached data in JSON format stored as a text file.