How to create a SQL Script

Step 1
Go to Administration > Setup > Special Content and select the SQL Scripts tab.
Step 2
Click the green +New SQL Script File button. Enter the suggested name. We recommend using camel casing and no spaces) and Submit.
Step 3
Copy the script and paste into the Text box of the SQL Script content you just created, and Save SQL Script.

Now you can click Run Script and bookmark the results page for future use.

If you want to add the script to the BlueToolbar or MainMenu, there will be a link to do so at the bottom of the page when you run the report. It will automatically determine whether the report should be on the SearchBuilder BlueToolbar, the OrgSearch BlueToolbar or the Main Menu.


We also have some SQL reports that you will add to the Custom Reports file in Special Content and they display on the blue Toolbar under Custom Reports. The help documentation for each report will explain where it will appear and direct you to add it to the Custom Report text file when necessary.