Custom Fund Sets

If you would like to run certain financial reports using a set of Funds instead of using all Funds, you can add this Text File to your database. In the file, you will name each Set and indicate which Funds are to be included in that Set.

The name of the Fund should indicate which Funds you are including. For example: The Fund Set named Budget and Campaign would include your Budget Fund and the Fund used for your Campaign. For some reports, the Fund ID is not seen. That is why naming the Fund Sets is important.

Create Fund Sets

Step 1
Go to Administration > Setup > Special Content and select the tab named Text Content.
Step 2
Click the green +New Text File button and enter the name CustomFundSets and click Submit.
Step 3
Select and copy the code below and paste it into the new file. Click Save Content.
Step 4

Return to the file and edit each FundSet description, changing the name to indicate which Funds will be included in that Set.

Then edit the Fund ID#s for that Set using the Funds you want included. Separate each Fund with a comma, but no space.

If you want fewer Sets than the 4 included, delete the sets you do not need. Be sure that the last line of code is </CustomFundSets>.

Also, if you want more Sets, copy one entire set beginning with the FundSet description row through the last row of the set which is </FundSet>. Paste what you copied just above the last line - </CustomFundSets>.


When entering the fund set descriptions, please be aware there are characters that have special meaning within an XML file and therefore cannot be used in the description unless you include them by use of an escape string. These special characters are & < > " '. If possible, avoid using these characters in your fund set descriptions. If you must include them, though, enter instead the character’s escape string from the table below:

Character Escape String
< &lt;
> &gt;
" &quot;
' &apos;
& &amp;
Step 5
Click Save Content to save your changes.

Reports Using the Fund Sets

The following standard reports will have a drop down menu for Fund Sets:

The following custom reports will also have this option:

Custom Statements and Custom Fund Sets

If your church is using the CustomStatements code to create separate statements for different 501c3 groups in your database, those will automatically be presented as Custom Fund Sets.

Custom Fund Sets Code

    <FundSet description="Fund Set 1">
    <FundSet description="Fund Set 2">
    <FundSet description="Fund Set 3">
    <FundSet description="Fund set 4">

Latest Update 09/18/2020

Added note about special characters in XML.