Texting from TouchPoint - Overview

Twilio Integration
Texting via TouchPoint uses an integration with a third-party texting service - a business named Twilio. This integration allows you to send texts directly from your TouchPoint database. You can then follow up the text with an email, so that anyone in your targeted group who has not opted-in for texting or does not have a cell phone on his record will still receive your message.


Your Twilio account is totally separate from your TouchPoint account. You pay Twilio directly. TouchPoint has no financial interest in this company and receives no remuneration when you create a Twilio account and use their services via TouchPoint.

Getting Started

The first step is to create a Twilio account and find your account numbers. Start with the following help article for instructions.


Setting up your TouchPoint database to use Twilio for texting must be done by your Admin user. There are several steps involved, so please follow the steps closely.


  • It is inexpensive. The cost is approximately $1 per texting number per month for the number you text from and less than 1 cent per outgoing text.
  • It is so easy to text to any group in your TouchPoint database. Wherever you see the blue toolbar, you can send a text.
  • Texts to groups of people go as individual texts, not as group texts.
  • You insure full coverage by being able to easily click a button and follow up a text with an email, so no one will miss out on your message.
  • TouchPoint tracks all your texts. You will have a list of your texts and a report of those who were sent the text. If they were not sent the text, you will see the reason - either they have no cell phone on their record or they have not opted in.
  • You can also purchase multiple phone numbers if you want to track your billing by ministry.

How Quickly Are Messages Sent?

As a basic rule of thumb, Twilio messages are sent at a rate of one message per second for each Twilio phone number. (Remember that texts sent to a group of people are sent as individual texts, so one message sent to 50 people counts as 50 messages in this discussion.) So if you send a message to 600 recipients, it will take about ten minutes (600 seconds) for all the messages to be sent to the various carrier networks for delivery. Be aware that this is a general guideline and not an SLA that Twilio is bound to.

If you will be sending SMS messages to hundred (or thousands) or recipients, or if your messages are time-sensitive and must be received soon after they are sent, you should consider purchasing multiple phone numbers from Twilio. For more information on this subject, see Twilio’s article titled Understanding Twilio Rate Limits and Message Queues.

Latest Update 09/04/2020

Updated information about how quickly messages are sent.

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