User Email Delegation

Delegate Email

The TouchPoint Admin (or a user with ManageEmails role) can delegate a user permission to email on behalf of another user. Both the person sending the email and the person on whose behalf it was sent will be able to view those sent emails. Users must have the role Access in order to be allowed to email on behalf of another user. You can actually delegate several users permission to email on behalf of another user.


Make sure that both users have different email addresses.


Consider creating people records for your ministries and allowing staff members to email on behalf of that ministry.

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To Delegate a User

Step 1

Go to Administration > Communication > User Email Delegation

Step 2

Click + Add New User who Can Email

A popup box will appear. This is where you will indicate both the person who may email and who he/she may email on behalf of.

Step 3
  • Find the person who will email on behalf of another user by typing the first and/or last name.

  • Results will populate as you type. Do NOT save changes until you have selected both users.

Step 4
  • Find the person for whom you want the selected user to email by typing the first and/or last name.

  • Continue selecting individuals until you have identified all users the delegate may email on behalf of.

  • Now press Save Edits.

To Edit or Remove Permissions

Step 1

Find the user in the list.

Step 2
  • To modify the person who can email or those person(s) on whose behalf are being emailed, click on the pencil icon under the Actions column.

  • The same popup box that you saw for assigning delegates will appear.

  • You may use the dropdown to select a different delegate.

  • Click the X to remove the selected individuals, or simply click inside of the box to add additional individuals.

  • Click Save Edits

  • Alternatively, click the trash can icon under the Actions column to remove that entire line.

To Email on Behalf of a User

Here’s what the user will see when they want to email for another user:
  • The first name in the list will be the user’s name.

  • The other names are users for whom they can email.

  • The email will appear as though it was sent directly from whomever they select.

Tracking Emails Sent on Behalf of Another User

If you sent emails on behalf of someone else, you can view these emails. Here’s how:

Step 1

Go to your own people record.

Step 2

Select the Emails > Sent tab


The person on whose behalf these emails were sent can also view them by going to his own people record and viewing the Email > Sent tab.

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