Adding a Location for Standard Extra Values

By default all Standard Extra Values will display on the people record on the Profile > Extra Values tab. However, if you would like certain Extra Values to display on the Membership tab, for example, you can do that.

Adding Location for Extra Value

Step 1

Go to Admin > Advanced > Special Content > Text Content > StandardExtraValues2

Step 2

Select the existing row for the Extra Value you want to move. Be sure to select the entire row. Right-click and Cut.

Step 3

Add a row in the section labeled <View Table=”People” Location=”Membership”> or one for whatever tab you prefer. This is where you want to add the EV. Right-click and Paste. Save Changes.


If there is no row as mentioned in Step 3, you can copy that text and create the row to add a location equaling Membership or whatever tab you prefer.