Adding or Updating Extra Values from Toolbar

The blue Toolbar has the option Add Extra Value under the gear icon. This option is available when you are viewing an organization, a Tag, or a Search Builder results list.

The purpose is to allow you to create a new ad hoc Extra Value for everyone in the list, or to set the value for an existing Extra Value, or even to remove an Extra Value. This is more of a batch process and is much faster than having to do this on each person’s record.

Update Existing Extra Value

Before you go to your list, go to Admin > Reports > Extra Values > People and locate the Extra Value you plan to update. Note the exact name, type, and the value.


If the people you want to update are meeting attendees, you can use Convert to Search Attendees for that meeting and then perform the EV update in Search Builder.

Step 1

Find the list of people needing the EV updated - the Tag, Organization, Search Builder results.

Step 2

Select Add Extra Value from the Toolbar under the gear icon.

Step 3

In the dialog box:

  • Select the Type

  • Enter the exact Name

    • For the Checkbox type of EV, check the box labeled Checkbox Value and click OK. This is a true/false type of EV.

    • For all other types of EVs, enter the appropriate value and press OK.


If the EV is a Dropdown type, select Code from the list (Dropdown is not in this list.).

Checkboxes Types of Extra Values

What you are actually updating is one of the Checkbox type of EVs that is part of the groups of EVs making up the Checkboxes. So, when updating the EV, select Checkbox as the Type and for the name enter the name of the specific checkbox item you want to set. Be sure to include the prefix.

Example: The name of the grouping of individual checkboxes is WS (for Worship Service) with the options being WS:Early and WS:Late. So, when setting this using the Toolbar, enter WS:Early or WS:Late as the name of the Checkbox.


If you do not type the name or the value exactly as it exists you will create a new ad hoc Extra Value. So, be very careful about the casing and the spacing for the name and the value.

If you do create an ad hoc EV by mistake be sure to delete it.

Create New Ad Hoc Extra Value

The steps are the same as above. However, because there is no existing Extra Value like the one you are adding, whatever you enter becomes the name of the ad hoc Extra Value.

Once you create these, you can make them Standard Extra Values if that is appropriate by going to the list of People Extra Values under the Reports menu and selecting Standardize.

Deleting an Extra Value

If you would like to remove the value from the records of a group of people you can select the option Delete Extra Values from the Toolbar.

Step 1

Find the group of people from whom you wish to remove the value.

Step 2

Select Delete Extra Values from the Toolbar under the gear icon.

Step 3

In the dialog box,

  • Select the Type.

  • Enter the Name.

    • To remove any Value, check the box Remove any Value and press OK.

    • To remove only one specific Value, enter the Text Value you want removed and press OK..

Example: The Extra Value name is Deacon Name and it is a Text type of EV used for storing the name of the Deacon who is responsible for that individual. If you want to remove any name that is in the field, check Remove any Value. But if you only want to remove the text for a specific Deacon, enter just that name in the Text Value field.

To Delete an Extra Value Completely

Go to the list of Extra Values by selecting People Extra Value under the Reports menu. Click the red Delete button on the right side of the page for that Extra Value.