App Roll List - Committed Only

This special Ad Hoc Extra Value can be added to an organization if you want to limit the list of organization members that display for attendance when using the TouchPoint Mobile App. With this EV on the org, the Member Roll List will display only those members who are Committed for that specific meeting.

Use Case: Volunteer Calendar

The Volunteer Calendar is a perfect use case for this EV. You can take attendance using the TouchPoint Mobile App, and see only those members who are committed for each time slot, not the entire list of members. Each time slot is, of course, a separate meeting.

Add the Extra Value to an Organization

Step 1

Go to the organization Settings > Extra Values tab.

Step 2

Click Show Adhoc Values, and then click the green + Add Extra Value button.

Step 3

Select Type > Checkbox. Enter the Name as AppRollListCommittedOnly. Check Checkbox Value to set the EV as true on this org. Save your changes.


Be sure to enter name of the Extra Value exactly as displayed above, using camel casing with no spaces.


If you need to mark someone present who either responded with Regrets or who is not scheduled as Committed for a volunteer time slot, you can do that by selecting Add a Guest in the app. The person will display as a guest on the app; however, if they are actually a member of the org, their attendance will be as a member, not a guest.