Contribution Bundles Page

Go to Administration > Contributions > Bundles to access the Bundles page. This page will display a list of all Contribution Bundles. There is also where you can create new bundles and where you can generate the Deposit Report.

To view an individual Bundle Details, click on the Bundle ID #.

To access Post Bundle / Edit, click on the Bundle Status, which will be open.

To generate the Deposit Report, click on the Deposit Date

Click on any of the headers to sort by that column.


If a Bundle contains both Tax-Deductible and Non-Tax-Deductible contributions, there will be a checkmark in the column labeled Non-Tax-Deductible. To view the breakdown between Tax-Deductible and Non-Tax -Deductible, click the i to the left of the ID#.

Special Types of Bundles/Contributions

Online Giving Bundles

Online giving bundles are automatically created daily for those days when there is an online contribution. The individual contributions are automatically added to the latest open bundle with the Bundle Type of Online. These online bundles are created without a Deposit Date. They will have a total Items, but not a Total Bundle amount. When you close these Bundles, you can enter the Total Bundle amount in the Bundle Header.

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Your church may decide to have your online bundles stay open longer than one day, perhaps always closing on Saturday. Your System Admin can add a setting named OnlineContributionBundleDayTime and specify the day and time to close the online bundles. Then you will have only one online bundle per week.

Scanned Check Bundles

If you use a check scanner from your bank to deposit checks, you will download a file from your bank’s software and import the file into TouchPoint. Bundles will get created when you upload the file, and after you initially associate the check (account information) with a donor, the next time the check will automatically be assigned to that person.


Before you begin using this import, be sure that you send a sample file from your bank to TouchPoint. We need to verify that our process does not need to be modified to fit your file.

Pledge Bundles

These bundles are created manually, so that you can record a donor’s intent/pledge to give a certain amount to a certain Fund. These bundles are not for actual contributions, just the Pledges. Do not assign a Deposit Date for Pledge Bundles, as you do not want to include them in a Deposit Report.

Online Pledge Bundles

These work like the regular Online Giving Bundles, in that they are created daily when someone makes a pledge online. However, the amount is recorded as a Pledge on their giving record, not as an actual contribution.

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Gift In Kind Bundles

These types of bundles are for posting gifts of stock, vehicles, property - any item that is donated that is not cash. These bundles will not have an amount associated with the bundle at all. They will display on the giving statement in a special section and will have a date, a description (# of shares, type of item), and the Fund toward which the proceeds will go once it is sold. You cannot post a dollar amount with these gifts. However, if the item is being given toward a Pledge, once you sell the item, you can post it as a Non-Tax-Deductible gift. When you do that, the dollar amount will go against any Pledge the donor has for that Fund. While Gifts in Kind will always display on giving statements, by default, Non-Tax-Deductible items do not display on giving statements. However, your System Admin can add a setting named DisplayNonTaxOnStatements with a value = true.

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Stock Bundles

You can record stock gifts as either a Gift In Kind, which will display in that section of the giving statement. And then record a Non-Tax-Deductible gift once the stock has been sold. Or you can use the Bundle Type of Stock. Unlike Gift In Kind, this does allow you to enter a dollar amount, which, of course, cannot be recorded until after the stock is sold. These types of gifts also display on the statement in the Gift-In-Kind section, but the amount is not displayed, only the Description. However, the dollar amount will be reflected against any pledge for that same Fund.

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Non-Tax-Deductible Bundles

If you track Non-Tax-Deductible contributions, such as foundation gifts, or donor-directed gifts, you will use this type of bundle. By default, these types of donations do not display on giving statements. However, if you want these to display on statements, your TouchPoint System Admin can add a special setting DisplayNonTaxOnStatement to your database and set it as true. They display in a section clearly labeled as Non-Tax-Deductible.

You can also record stock as a Gift-In-Kind when you receive the stock, and then record a Non-Tax-Deductible donation when you sell it. See the help articles below for more information.