Creating Pledge Funds

Pledge funds are created the same as any other fund and don’t need to be for the sole purpose of pledging. There are optional pledge related settings for pledge funds. Follow the steps below to set up your pledge fund.

Step 1

Go to Finance > Setup > Funds and click the green +Add Fund button.

Enter the new Fund ID # and then click the blue Submit button.

Step 2

Follow the normal steps when creating a new Fund, entering the Name, Description and other information, making sure you check the box for Pledge Fund?.

You have the option to enter a Pledge Start Date as well as a Pledge Goal.

There is an additional option titled Pledge Grouping, where you can have a fund to which pledges are made, but to which no contributions are ever made. Instead, for this fund you can configure other funds, that during the defined date range, will count toward fulfillment of that pledge fund.

When the Pledge Grouping box is checked, the additional menu items will appear:

  • Funds In Grouping

  • Pledge Grouping Start

  • Pledge Grouping End

Step 3

Click the blue Save Fund button.

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