Donor Totals by Range Report

This report displays total giving per donor/giving unit for all funds, not individual gifts. Unlike the Totals by Fund Range Report, in this report, it is the total giving for a donor determines which row (range) it falls into, not individual gifts.


For couples who give jointly, they are considered as one donor/giving unit for this report.

To generate the Donor Totals by Range Report

Step 1

Go to to Administration > Contributions > Range Reports > Donor Totals by Range.

Step 2

Select a Campus (optional)

Step 3

Select a From Date and a To Date.

See below for explanations re the checkbox options.

Click Run.


If you do not select a Campus, all Campuses will be included.

Checkbox options:
  • Include Non Tax Deductible? select this if you want to include Non-Tax-Deductible postings.

  • Include Unclosed Bundles? Selecting this option will include both Closed and Open bundles.

The report will have the dollar ranges, the total dollar amount of the gifts in that range and the number of donors. Here is a sample:

The report will include only those ranges for which you have donor totals. In other words, if, for the date range selected, you do not have donors with totals greater 10,000, the report will not list the ranges above that.

Here are the possible ranges:

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