MortarStone Integration

MortarStone provides analytics to help you better engage with your contributors—turn new givers into recurring givers, re-engage lapsed givers, and strengthen your connection with top givers. Through its integration with your TouchPoint database, MortarStone provides reports that give insights to help you understand your giving demographics and to develop strategies to retain and increase your donor base. For more information, see their website regarding the integration with TouchPoint.

Your church can sign up for a free trial. On the above web page, click on the Get Started It’s Free button, select TouchPoint as your ChMS, and complete a short form.

Enabling the integration is done in two basic steps:

Step 1

Create a MortarStone record in TouchPoint with a user account that has the roles Access, ApiOnly, and Developer.

Step 2

From your MortarStone account, establish a connection to your TouchPoint database.

For complete details, see How do I establish my TouchPoint API connection?.

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