Online Giving Bundles

Each time an online gift is made, the system will look to see if there is an open online bundle for that day. If there is, all contributions that day will be added to that bundle. However, if there is no open bundle for that date, a new online bundle will get created by the system.

By default, a new bundle is created each day whether the online bundle for the previous day is closed or not.

New Bundles Every 24 Hours or Every Week

If your church would like new online bundles to be created only once a week instead of every 24 hours, you can specify that in the Admin > Settings by adding the Setting OnlineContributionBundleDayTime. Enter a day and time in this format: Sunday 11:00 PM (This is Central TZ), With this setting, a new online bundle will get created after the day/time you specify. So, instead of having one online bundle per day, you would have one per week.

Managing / Closing Online Bundles

Online bundles will already have the donor associated with the contribution and each contribution will be assigned to the fund the donor selected. So, you do not need to do anything regarding that. However, you will need to close the bundle at some point.

After the next online bundle has been created and you are ready to close the previous one, here is what you need to do.

Step 1
Go to the bundle list and click the bundle ID# for the online bundle you want to close.
Step 2
Click Actions > Edit Bundle Header.
Step 3
Enter the Items Total amount in the Total Cash field and click Save. This will return you to the bundle list page.
Step 4
Repeat Steps 1 & 2, selecting the same bundle. Change the Status from Open to Closed.