This article is outdated. Please see Emails for Online Giving.

Online Giving Confirmation Email

Click one of the links below to view the sample confirmations for either Online Giving Confirmation, which is for one-time gifts, or for Online Recurring Giving Management Confirmation, which is for Managed Giving. This will be a starting point for your own Online Giving Confirmation emails.


The Recurring Giving Management Confirmation is the confirmation the donor will receive after he makes a change to or initially sets up his recurring giving. This confirmation supports the use of the special email replacement codes to indicate the fund breakdown as indicated in the sample.

The notice the donor will receive the day his recurring giving is processed is a different confirmation. It is located in Administration > Special Content > HTML Content and is named RecurringGiftNotice. This can be edited by your System Admin. You can use the same format as in the Online Recurring Giving Management sample below. Just be sure to change the statement in the RecurringGiftNotice email to indicate that the person’s giving was processed.

See also

Special Content - see RecurringGiftNotice and RecurringGiftFailedNotice, as well as the Important note above those items in the article.

Sample Emails

Below is the confirmation that can be placed in the Online Giving organization in the Messages tab. It is the confirmation that is sent after a donor makes a one-time gift.

Online Giving Confirmation

Below is the confirmation that can be place in the Manage Recurring Giving organization in the Messages tab. It if the confirmation that is sent when a donor sets up recurring giving or makes a change to his recurring giving. However, you can also use this same email (making minor changes to the text itself) for the RecurringGiftNotice that is in Special Content.

Online Recurring Giving Management Confirmation


If your database already has the 2 online giving organizations - Online Giving and Manage Recurring Giving - they should already have confirmations similar to these that you can just revise. They will be on the Registration > Messages tab of each organization.

See this short demonstration showing how to copy and paste these emails.

Copy and Paste the Confirmation Emails

Step 1
Click one of the links above, and then right-click and select View the page source. You will now be viewing the HTML.
Step 2

Right click and Select All, then right click and Copy the raw html.


Press and hold the Ctr (Control) key while pressing the A key to select everything.

Press and hold the Crl (Control) key while pressing the C key to copy everything that is selected.

Or you can use the toolbar in your browser and select Edit > Select All, and then Edit > Copy.

Step 3

Go to the appropriate online giving organization, Registration > Messages tab. Click the blue Edit button for the tab, and then click the small Edit button under Confirmation Body.

Click Source in the toolbar of the editor, and then right-click and paste what you copied.

Click Source again to view the actual confirmation.

Click Save for the text editor and then click Save for the Messages tab.


If you are copying and pasting the code for the RecurringGiftNotice, you will do this in Special Content > HTML Content.


When editing any of the confirmation emails, do not remove or edit anything from ITEM ROW START through ITEM ROW END, as it is used to present important information about the contributions.

Special Giving
In the Online Giving article, you can read about a Special Giving type of organization. Use the above confirmation for Online Giving for any organizations that you use for that purpose.

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Online Giving

Viewing Contribution Confirmations

Confirmation emails for one-time gifts, recurring gifts, and managing recurring giving will all display on the donor’s Email > Transactional tab. They will also display on Administration > Manage > Email when you select Transactional and then Filter.

Click the Subject of the email in order to view the Email Details page.

Roles Required
  • A My Data or OrgLeadersOnly user can view their own confirmations on their people record.
  • A user with Finance role can view all contribution confirmations, both on the individual records and on the Manage > Email page.
Resending Confirmations
A user with Admin role can resend a confirmation if necessary. This is done on the Email Details page and is an option under Actions.
Recurring Gifts

When a recurring gift is processed, a simple email confirmation is sent with the text Your gift of $___ was processed this morning. These display as a Transactional email.

If you want to create your own message, add the message in Special Content > HTML tab. Name the file RecurringGiftNotice and enter the text for the confirmation.

You can use the same format as in the Online Recurring Giving Management sample above. Be sure you change the statement to indicate that the gift has been processed.

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Special Content

Staff Notifications

TouchPoint also sends a notification email to the Online Notify Person for online giving, when a gift is processed. These notices display as being from the donor, and the body of the email is simply see contribution records for John Doe (89302).

A similar notice is sent when someone manages their recurring giving. The body of that notice is simply Managed giving for John Doe (89302).

The number in parentheses is the person’s people ID #.