Migrating to the New Online Giving Pages

Migrating your recurring givers to the new Giving Pages is as simple as clicking a button. However, there is preparation that should be completed beforehand. Also, please note that the migration is irreversible. So please read this article carefully to ensure you have completed all the recommended steps to get ready for the migration.


The migration cannot be reversed, as was noted in the preceding paragraph. Recurring giving records will be migrated to the new format, as will saved payment methods, and your legacy giving pages will be deactivated.

Before You Migrate

There are certain tasks you should complete before you migrate so that there is no disruption for your donors.

  • Set up at least one new Giving Page as your default. See the article Online Giving Setup for directions to configure Giving Pages. The instructions below will reference the relevant step in that article (of the seven steps covered).
    • You may set up as many pages as you like. You will later be able to add additional Giving Pages or modify the pages you have already created. In Setup article referenced above, see Step 6.
    • Prepare the shell you will use with your Giving Pages. See Step 5 of the Setup article.
    • Prepare the confirmation emails. See Step 2 in the article above.
    • Decide whether to use Donor covers Fees and adjust the settings accordingly. See an explanation of the relevant settings in Step 4 of the Setup article.
    • Be sure to test your new Giving Pages.
  • Apply new settings to existing funds. The new Giving Pages make use of two new settings on funds. See Step 3 of the Setup article.
    • Allow End Date
    • Notes
  • Prepare Recurring End Date Reminder Template
  • Enter URL Redirects for Legacy Giving Pages
  • For Multi-Campus Churches, Prepare Default Pages for Each Campus

What Will Happen after You Migrate?

  • Recurring gifts will be migrated to new format. The gifts will be in a new table structure. This is why the migration is irreversible. The donor (or Finance user) will be able to manage or cancel scheduled gifts individually by fund.
  • Saved payment methods will be copied to a new format. Donors will now be able to save multiple payment methods and select from their list when making a gift or registration payment.
  • Legacy giving pages will be deactivated. If you have entered URL Redirects for them, donors who attempt to visit the old pages will be redirected as specified. If no redirects have been entered, donors will be redirected to the new default giving page.

What Should You Do after Migration?

After migration, update any links to the legacy giving pages on your church website and in the mobile app with links to the new giving pages.

Latest Update 10/28/2020

Added this article.