Online Giving Overview

Online Giving in TouchPoint offers great flexibility in configuring giving pages for a variety of needs. Below are listed some of the features available, followed by a video introduction.

A Look at the New Features

Overview of Features

  • One page can provide donors with the opportunity to make pledges, one-time gifts, or set up recurring giving schedules, with the ability to switch from one giving type to another while retaining information they have already entered.

  • Multiple giving pages can be configured, each with the funds and other options you specify.

  • A default giving page can be specified or, if your church has multiple campuses, a default for each campus.

  • As part of setting up giving pages, you can define descriptive URLs for each.

  • Giving pages can be custom branded by means of a shell (just as with registrations).

  • There are editable email templates for donor notification of the following events:

    • One-time gift
    • Online pledge
    • Recurring setup
    • Recurring gift made
    • Recurring gift failure
    • Recurring gift hits its end date
    • Deletion of recurring giving schedule
  • Funds used on giving pages can be configured to allow Notes so that donors can enter memorials or instructions.

  • Funds used on giving pages can also be configured to allow an end date for recurring gifts.

  • Donors can make a one-time gift without logging in or can log in via several methods:

    • Security code sent to email address
    • Security code sent to phone (requires Twilio integration)
    • Traditional user name and password
  • Donors can set up multiple recurring schedules.

  • Donors can save multiple payment methods and, when making or scheduling a gift, can select from a list of saved payment methods.

  • There are several options for frequency of recurring gifts:

    • Weekly
    • Biweekly
    • Semi-monthly
    • Monthly
    • Quarterly
    • Annually

    The first four are available by default, although the biweekly and semi-monthly options can be hidden. The remaining two – quarterly and annually – can optionally be enabled.

  • Online giving can be configured to allow donors to cover the processing fees, which can be set for card and for eft by administration settings.

  • Minimum and maximum gifts can be configured so that donors are not allowed to make gifts under the minimum or over the maximum.

  • Each giving page can be configured to display a pledge summary at the bottom of the page.

  • With URL controls for giving pages, you can preset the selected type (pledge, one-time, recurring), fund, and amount.

  • Additionally, special links for use in email and SMS can also preset these three options.

For instructions on setting up the new Giving Pages, see Online Giving Setup.

Latest Update 12/6/2021

Removed note about migration.