Online Pledges

If your church members make pledges to a specific Contribution fund, you will want to use this feature. It makes the back-office work SO much easier! You can take advantage of Online Pledges even if you are not using online giving. It works very much like other online Registrations.

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Step 1

Create an Organization for your pledges and change the following settings:

  • Set the Registration Type to Online Pledge on the Registration > Registration tab. Then check Allow Only One.

  • On that same tab, you can enter a Registration Title, if you prefer to display something other than the Organization name.

  • On the Registration > Fees tab, under Donation Setup, enter the Donation Fund ID to which your donors will make their pledge.


    Donors will make pledges to the same Fund to which they will make donations. So, this will be the ID of the Fund that is set as a Pledge Fund.

  • On the Registration > Messages tab, select the Online Notify Persons. This should be the person who has the Finance role for your church. See Tip below for an alternative.

  • Also, on that tab, create the Confirmation email, and include the email replacement code {amt} with a dollar sign in front of it - ${amt}, to display the amount of their pledge. If you have art work associated with your pledge drive, you could add the HTML to your email.

  • Create Instructions if you want those. See below for sample confirmaiton and instructions.


You may want to create a record named Church Contributions with its own email address and use that record as the Online Notify Person.

Step 2

Post the link on your website or email your members letting them know they can pledge online.

The link to post on your website is on the BlueToolbar > Gear > Administrative > Try Registration

Right-click and copy the link.

How it works behind the scenes

Just like with online giving, a new bundle is created each day the first time someone makes a Pledge that day. The Bundle Type will be Online Pledge. If no one makes a pledge, no bundle is created. If you are using the Setting OnlineContributionBundleDayTime so that your online bundles are not created daily, the Online Pledge will follow that format.

Here’s what else happens when a person makes an Online Pledge:

  • The pledge is recorded on the person’s giving record.
  • The person making the pledge receives a Confirmation email . (see sample below)
  • The designated Online Notify Person gets a notification email.
  • The pledge goes into a special Online Pledge bundle.

Additional Pledges

One more feature is the ability for a person to return to the online pledge page if they want to increase their pledge. They will see their current pledge and any contributions that have been made toward that fund. The system will capture both pledges but will combine them on their giving statement with all contributions applied against the total. You might want to mention that in the confirmation, so they they would have the link handy.

How it works for the person making the pledge

If the donor does not login with a TouchPoint username/password:

  • They enter the information requested to find their record/profile in the database.
  • Once they click Submit, they will be emailed a one-time link to make their pledge,
  • When they click the link, they will see a box in which they can enter a dollar amount.
  • Then they click Submit and will receive an email Confirmation.


TouchPoint sends the link in an email (instead of taking them directly to the pledge page) as a security precaution. You do not want someone to be able to pretend to be you and make pledges on your behalf. Also, if a person does not have an email address on their record, they will see a message telling them to call the church.

If the donor logs in with their TouchPoint username/password:

  • They will be on the page where they can enter the dollar amount of the pledge.
  • They then click Submit and will receive an email Confirmation.

Sample Confirmation

Notice the email replacement code to display the amount pledged - {amt}. You would put the link to your online pledge registration where you see the words Click here.

Hi {first},

Thank you for your total pledge of ${amt} toward this year's pledge fund.
If you have any questions,
please contact Mrs.Greenbucks in our Finance office:

You can return to the pledge website at any time
should you wish to make an additional pledge.

Click here if you would like to make an online contribution at this time.

Samples for the Find and Options Instructions


If you have a username and password for TouchPoint,
please click "Login with an account" below to make your pledge.

If you do not have a username and password for TouchPoint,
please enter the information below,
so that we can find your record in the church database.
You will receive an email with a one-time link that
will allow you to make a pledge.

Note: If you do not have an email address on your record in the
church database, you will be asked to call the church
(Mrs.  Greenbucks at 555-5555)
to provide that information before you can make an online pledge.
This is to prevent someone from anonymously making a pledge for you!


Please enter the amount of your pledge.
You can return at any time if you wish to make an additional pledge.
Also, any amount that you have given toward this fund will be displayed below.


Will a person be added as a member to the Organization I create for the pledges?
No. The Organization is used as a place to create the registration settings and will not have members.
Will the staff notification have the amount of the pledge in the email?
No. It will merely indicate the name of the person and that they have made a pledge.
Will the System Admin be able to see the pledge amounts in Manage Transactions?
No. The amounts are redacted. If the System Admin also has Finance role, they will be able to see pledges just like they can see donations.
Does the church have to be using online contributions in order to use Online Pledges?
No. While the Online Pledges are added to a person’s giving record in Contributions on TouchPoint, it does not go through a merchant account. It functions more like an online registration.

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