Pledge Totals by Fund Range Report

This report is designed to help you evaluate your Pledges for specific Funds by showing the size of the individual Pledge and what portion of the total that represents, both by number of people who made Pledges as well as total dollar amount Pledged.


The date range is looking for the date when the Pledge was made, not when contributions were made toward the Pledge. Be sure to take that into consideration when select the date range.

Generate the Pledge Totals by Fund Range Report

Step 1

Go to to Administration > Contributions > Range Reports > Pledge Totals by Range.

Step 2

Select a Campus and/or Fund.

Step 3

Select a From Date and a To Date.

Click the blue Run button.


If you do not select a Fund, all Funds with Pledges will be included. If you do not select a Campus, all Campuses will be included.

The report includes the following:


A dollar amount range that increases in increments


The number of people with Pledges


The number of individual Pledges (normally, the Count and the Donors will match, but sometimes a donor makes more than 1 Pledge)


Percentage of the number of people making Pledges in that dollar amount range compared to the total number of people making Pledges


The total dollar amount of Pledges


The percentage of the amount of the Pledge compared to the total amount of Pledges

Sample Report

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