Pledges & Contribution Statements

Administrative Settings

Pledge Only Statements

Contribution statements have been designed primarily as tax documents and so, by default, are generated only when the donor has tax deductible gifts in the statement period. If, however, you want to generate statements also for donors who have no contributions during the period, but do have open pledges, change the setting Pledge Only Statements to True. If you select this option, be sure your statement template includes a pledge summary section.


If your church tracks Pledges, you have the option to display the pledge or not to display it once the pledge has been met. The default is to not show the Pledge if the person has fulfilled his Pledge and the Fund is still Open. Add the setting ShowPledgeIfMet and set the value to true if you want to show the Pledge. Once you close the Fund Pledges will no longer display on the Statement.

Pledges on Statements

Below is a section of a sample statement for a donor with a pledge:

Show or Hide Pledges on Contribution Statements

When you are ready to stop tracking Pledges on individual’s contribution statement you can handle that one of two ways:

  • Close the Fund. It will no longer display for posting contributions and any Pledges to that Fund will no longer be included in the Pledge section of the statement. However, you can open the Fund temporarily to post a contribution, and then close it again after you have finished.

  • Edit the Fund and remove the check mark that flags the Fund as a Pledge Fund. When you use this method, you can continue to receive contributions for the Fund, but not pledges, and the Pledges will not display on the statement.

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