Split Contribution

Split Contribution

We use the term ‘Split’ for those cases in which you have one donation (check or cash) whose total amount is to be split (divided) among multiple funds.

There are four ways to post contributions.

  • Manually - entering each contribution yourself, beginning by creating a Batch.

  • Scanned Checks through bank - importing using a file from your bank software that already has the total amounts for each check/donation.

  • Scanned Checks through TouchPoint - using TouchPoint Check Scanning software to scan checks and create batches.

  • Online Giving - automatically create batches each day. The contributions are already divided into the correct funds.

For Online Giving, the donor must select each fund before processing the donation. Therefore, only manual and scanned check types of contributions need to be split. Below are instructions for each of these. Both are very simple.

Splitting Contributions

Once checks have been scanned or contributions have been previously imported or manually entered:

Step 1

Navigate to the batch page at Finance > Search > Batches. Find the Batch to edit and click on the “eye” icon.

Step 2

For the contribution to be split, click on the “pencil” icon.

Step 3

In the popup window for the contribution, click the Green + sign and add fund, type and amount to be split. The initial amount entered will adjust accordingly, so the total amount for the contribution remains the same.

Step 4

Add additional splits as necessary and Save. The split amounts will be indicated by the “split” icon. Only the original entry can be edited.

This process can be done for contributions at the time they are manually entered as well. Split contributions count as One in the Actual Count.

View the short video for how to split one check into multiple funds.

You can leave this page and return to finish later. However, you will not be able to close the batch until the Estimate Amount and Estimate Count match the Actual Amount and Actual Count. Also all contributions must be assigned to donors.

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