Split / Divide Contribution into Multiple Funds

Split Contribution

We use the term ‘Split’ for those cases in which you have one donation (check or cash) whose total amount is to be split (divided) among multiple funds.

There are three ways to post contributions.

  • Manually - entering each contribution yourself, beginning by creating a Bundle.
  • Scanned Checks - importing using a file from your bank software that already has the total amounts for each check/donation.
  • Online Giving - these go into Bundles that are created automatically each day, and the contributions are already divided into the correct funds.

For Online Giving, the donor must select each fund before processing the donation. Therefore, only manual and scanned check types of contributions need to be split. Below are instructions for each of these. Both are very simple.

Splitting Manual Contributions


When using this method, you will be duplicating the entry that is at the top of the list.

Step 1

Enter each amount separately. That is, enter only the amount for the first fund to which the person is contributing, not the total amount that is on the check.

Tab though all the fields, completing that entry.

For example: you receive a $300 check with $250 for Local Operation and $50 for Benevolence. Make the first entry $250 for Local Operation.

Step 2

When your cursor is on the next line, instead of entering a People ID, enter the letter d (duplicate). Then hit Tab.

This will duplicate the entry, leaving the amount empty. Your cursor will be in the Amount field.

Step 3
Enter the dollar amount for the next part of that person’s contribution and hit Tab.
Step 4
Select the Fund and continue as usual to complete that entry.


When you are in PostBundle / Edit mode, each new name is added at the top of the list. However, when you return to the Bundle page, the names will be listed in the order in which you entered them.

If you prefer to enter the full amount of the check first, and then ‘split’ the total, you can certainly use the method described below.

Splitting Contributions - Scanned Check File

View the short video for how to split one check into multiple funds.

Step 1

The total amount of the check will already be on the entry.

Select Actions > Split for that contribution.

This will display a pop-up window asking how much to split out from that transaction.

Step 2

Enter the amount to split Example: The check was for $100. You want $70 to go to Budget/Tithe and $30 to Benevolence. Enter $30 as the amount to split.

Click Submit.


To make it easier, you can enter multiple amounts in the Split text box, separated by a space. This will create one row for each amount. Then you just click in the Fund field to set the correct fund for each separate item. Do not use a comma between the amounts.

Also, remember that you are splitting these amounts from the original total. So, only enter the amounts to split, leaving an amount in the original contribution. Otherwise, you will end up with an extra contribution line with a zero for the amount.

Example: Total amount is $500, with $400 for Budget/Tithe, $50 for Missions, and $50 for Benevolence. Enter only 50 50 as the amounts to split. That will leave the $400 in the original contribution.

Step 3

Click in the Fund drop down and select the correct Fund.

Click the blue Checkmark to accept.

Step 4
Continue editing the individual contributions as needed.


If, while you are posting contributions, you need to edit information on a person’s record, click on the person’s name. This is a link that will open their people record in open a new tab. Make changes and then select the original tab to continue posting contributions.

You can leave this page and return to finish later. However, you will not be able to close the bundle until the Bundle Header Total matches the Total Items.

You can also leave a contribution unassigned, leave PostBundle / Edit and return to assign the contributor. You will not be able to close a bundle with an unassigned contribution, though.