Workflow for BVCMS Documenters

After all the tools you will use are installed (GitHub, Sphinx, and PyCharm) and you have the bvcvms documentation repository cloned, you are ready to begin editing / writing documentation. Here are the processes you will be doing:

Get the Latest Changes

Before you start your editing session, you will want to make sure your local repository is the most current. Open the GitHub App and click Sync Branch in the top right corner.


PyCharm is your IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for this.

Build The HTML

The makehtml command will do this.

Testing Locally

You will want to examine how your document looks. So after building, you can navigate to your document. Right click on the Index.html file, and choose Open In Browser Or, if your browser is already started and on the page you are working on, you can just go to the browser and refresh the page.

Commit your changes to the Local Git Repository

You have a full copy of the repository locally. So before you can Push to GitHub, you will need to commit your changes. Start GitHub, and you should see your changes. Then put in a brief description of what document or documents you were working on. Then click Commit

Sync with Remote

Now you want to sync your local repository with the remote repository. When you sync, it will go both ways, getting changes others have made pulled down, and pushing any changes you have made back up. You click the Sync Branch in top right of GitHub. This in essence publishes the documentation for the public site

More Information about your tools
Writing Great Documentation