Free Mobile App

TouchPoint offers a free app for your iPhone or Android device. The app is available for all TouchPoint clients, with several ministry-related options included.

The following features are available for staff and lay leaders:

The following features are available to everyone:

  • Information

  • Giving

Download the App

Go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to download the free app.


TouchPoint also offers a Custom Mobile App that offers many additional features for your staff and congregation. Contact TouchPoint Sales ( to find out about the added capabilities of the Custom Mobile App.

Sign in to the App

  1. After you download the App, set your Server name. This is the unique part of your church’s TouchPoint URL. For example, if your URL is, just enter bellevue. Then tap Accept.

  2. Click Sign in with email or Sign in with phone number. You will be asked to enter either your email address or your cell phone number. If what you enter is found on your TouchPoint record, a six-digit code will be sent to you. Enter the six-digit code to sign in to the app. Then, select your user account from the list.


    If TouchPoint is unable to find your record, you will see a Record Not Found menu with the following options:

    • Try another email

    • Sign in with phone

    • Create account

    • Return home

  3. You will be asked to create a 4-digit PIN. Just enter a 4-digit number, then re-enter it to confirm. Next, scan your fingerprint or your face (depending on your device) to enable the biometric login. After that, when you access the App, you will be able to login with just your fingerprint or Face ID.


The user must meet these qualifications in order to take attendance using the App:

  • be enrolled in the Involvement (or its parent Involvement)

  • be a leader in the Involvement (have a Member Type that is a Leader Type)

  • have a TouchPoint user account of at least an OrgLeaderOnly

  • have the Attendance role


In the above-mentioned article, notice the section regarding a setting to allow OrgLeadersOnly users to find guests in the database.

Use Case for the Attendance portion of the App

Attendance on the iPhone / Android was designed to make it easy for group leaders to take attendance for their small groups that meet in homes or other locations than the church itself. It works best for small groups (30 or fewer), but can be used for any size. Using this App, you can not only take attendance, but also add someone as a guest, creating a new record, if necessary. For guests who want to join the group, you can do that as well.

Tasks and Notes

Staff members and lay leaders will see an option for Tasks when they log into their church’s TouchPoint app.

Of course, the app on an iPhone looks just a bit different than it does on an Android; and each Android device may look a little different from other Androids. However, the functionality is the same.


This is mentioned below as well. Be sure to note that you can drill down wherever you see an icon next to an item. Or, you can make a call, get directions, send an email - all right there in the app.

Below is a list of the Task options and the functions you can perform on the app. These sections will appear at the top of the screen.


Ministry-related Tasks are the only type that appear in the app. So, New Person Data Entry Tasks will not display in the My Tasks section.


This is a list of all Pending and Accepted Tasks. These are either owned by you or assigned to you. From this list, you may view the photo of the person the Task is about. You will see a brief Task Description, the About Person’s name, and the Due Date for the Task. You may tap on the individual Task to expand the Task Details and view the associated Keywords. From there, you may also see the options to Decline or Accept the Task. If you select the Decline option, you will be prompted to enter a reason.


This is a list of all Accepted Tasks. Just like above, these are either owned by you or assigned to you. By tapping on the Task to expand the Task Details, you may easily Complete a Task. Learn more about Completing A Task below.


This is a list of all Pending Tasks. These are either owned by you or assigned to you. By tapping on the Task to expand the Task Details, you may specify to Decline or Accept the Task.

Completing A Task

  • Expand the Task Details (by tapping on the individual Task from one of the lists).

  • Select Complete.

  • You will be prompted to enter Note Details.

  • When you’ve completed the form, touch Submit.

  • The Task will no longer appear in the Mobile App, as it is now a Completed Task.


Also, email notifications will still be sent as usual, in addition to any app notifications.

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Creating A Task or Note

You may create Tasks and Notes from within the Mobile App as well.

  1. Simply locate the People Record about whom you would like to create the Task or Note. (This can be done using the People Search.)

  2. While viewing the Personal Details, tap on the + option at the top of the screen. This will present you with options to Add Task and Add Note.

  3. a. After selecting Add Task, you will have the opportunity to enter Task Details and Keywords; you can also designate an Assignee and Due Date and Limit the Task to a specific Role.

    b. After selecting Add Note, you may enter the Note Details, select relevant Keywords, and Limit the Note to a specific Role.

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