Mission Trip Goer Funding Page

The optional mission trip Goer Funding Page gives a more detailed look at the funding status of trip participants. In addition to the funding goal and the amount currently raised, there is a graphical progress bar and a list of supporters.

The page potentially offers two views: one view for goers and another for supporters who have been given the link. Three settings control whether these views are available and what is included. These settings are found in the Mission Trip Settings section on the mission trip’s Settings > General page.

Enable Funding Pages

When this setting is turned on, a funding page will be available for trip participants. They can access this from their profile, on the Involvement > Registrations page, by clicking the Funding Page button.


Enable Public Funding Pages

This makes a goer’s funding page available for anyone who has been provided the link. Enabling this setting has two additional effects:

  • The support link included in emails to supporters is redirected to the public Goer Funding Page instead of the usual page for making support donations.

  • Facebook and Twitter links, as well as the page’s URL that can be copied, will now be displayed on the goer’s view of the funding page. These will also be displayed on the public view of the page.


Show Public Funding Amounts

With this setting on, the public page will include the amounts that supporters have given, just as is always the case on the goer’s view of the page.

Elements of the Goer Funding Page

The trip name, dates, image, and description are all customizable based on several Involvement settings.

  • Trip Name - This is the name of the Involvement.

  • Trip Dates - This is set on the mission trip’s Settings > Attendance tab by entering dates in the First Meeting Date and Last Meeting Date fields.

  • Image and/or Description - This is set on the mission trip’s Settings > General tab in the Description field.


    You should size your image before you upload it. You can use the online resizer tool at https://www.picresize.com/ in case you have no other way to change the size. It handles both resizing and cropping. This online re-sizer is not great for resizing several pictures, but it works well for a few (1-4) at a time.

  • Amount - This is based on the Fee set on the Registration > Fees tab. The only way a goer can raise additional funds once their goal is reached is by adding and enabling the RaiseBeyondRequired Ad Hoc Extra Value on the Settings > Extra Values tab.


    If you want ALL mission trip Involvements to allow trip participants to raise beyond their required amount, there is an optional Administrative Setting. You can find the Missions: Raise Beyond Required setting under Administration > Settings > Features > Registrations. Setting this to True allows the goer to raise more than their required amount. Setting this to False will allow each goer to raise only what is required.

  • Donate Button - A Donate button (in place of the goer’s Pay button) that will take supporters to the normal support page for this goer. You do not need to do anything to format this button.

  • Links to Share - If you Enable Public Funding Pages, this shows public links for Facebook, Twitter, and the page’s URL to copy.

  • Recent Supporters - The list of supporters will show amounts only if the Show Public Funding Amounts setting is enabled.

Latest Update


Added information about the new Missions: Raise Beyond Required administrative setting.