Mission Trip Goer Funding Page

The optional mission trip Goer Funding Page gives a more detailed look at the funding status of trip participants. In addition to the funding goal and the amount currently raised, there is a graphical progress bar and a list of supporters.

The page potentially offers two views: one view for goers and another for supporters who have been given the link. Three settings control whether these views are available and what is included. These settings are found in the Mission Trip Settings section on the mission trip’s Settings > General page.

Enable Funding Pages

When this setting is turned on, a funding page will be available for trip participants. They can access this from their profile, on the Involvement > Registrations page, by clicking the Funding Page button.


Here are the elements of the page:

  • The trip name, dates and description (in the upper left section of the page)
  • A summary of the goer’s fundraising, showing amount raised and the total needed, with a progress bar beneath (in the upper right section of the page)
  • A Pay button that will take goers to their payment page
  • A list of supporters and the amounts they have given (Anonymous donations will be listed under the entry “Anonymous”.)
  • An Email Supporter button that will take goers to the normal page for sending support emails
Enable Public Funding Pages

This makes a goer’s funding page available for anyone who has been provided the link. Enabling this setting has two additional effects:

  • The support link included in emails to supporters is redirected to the public Goer Funding Page instead of the usual page for making support donations.
  • Facebook and Twitter links, as well as the page’s URL that can be copied, will now be displayed on the goer’s view of the funding page. These will also be displayed on the public view of the page.

In addition to the elements already noted on the goer’s page, this page includes:

  • A Donate button (in place of the goer’s Pay button) that will take supporters to the normal support page for this goer
  • Public links for Facebook, Twitter, and this page’s URL to copy
  • The list of supporters will show amounts only if the setting below is enabled
Show Public Funding Amounts
With this setting on, the public page will include the amounts that supporters have given, just as is always the case on the goer’s view of the page.

Latest Update 11/13/2020

Modify image link with secure protocol.