Mission Trip Reports

TouchPoint has several Mission Trip type of reports. They include a Funding Report, a Funding Export, and a Sender Export. These reports can be generated for any organization using the special Mission Trip type of online registration. They are located under the gear icon on the Blue Toolbar when viewing an organization, and under the cloud icon when on the Organizations > Search/Manage page.

When accessed from the Organizations > Search/Manage page, the reports contain information for all Mission Trip organizations that are included in your filter. However, each organization will have its own section.

When accessed from the individual Organization the reports will be just for that one trip.


These reports can only be accessed by a user with the role MissionGiving.

Mission Trip Funding Report

This online report contains the following information:

  • Participant’s Name

  • Trip Cost

  • Amount Raised (This includes the deposit and any payments made by the participant as well as any donations made for the participant’s benefit)

  • Balance

  • If there have been any contributions made to the trip that are not designated for a specific participant, there will be a row named Undesignated.

  • There is also total for each column at the bottom of the grid for each trip.

  • The names are links to the person’s people record.

Mission Trip Funding Export

This Excel export contains basically the same information as the Funding Report, just in Excel instead of an online format. Also, of course, the names will not be links to the people records. This export is only available from Organizations > Search/Manage.

Mission Trip Sender Export

This opens as an Excel Spreadsheet and contains the following information:

  • Org ID

  • Org Name

  • Sender (Supporter) ID

  • Sender Name

  • Goer (Participant) ID

  • Goer Name

  • Date Given

  • Amount

  • The deposits and other amounts paid by the Goer (Participant) will be included in this export, so they will display in both the Goer and Sender columns.

  • Every header has a filter (notice the arrow in the header). So, you can view everything for just one Sender, one Goer, or one Organization (if you generate the report from Organization > Search).

Mission Trip Tracking on the Transactions Log

When you click the link to View Goer’s Transactions from the Member Dialog, this will open the Transactions Log and show just the transactions for that individual. The section labeled Trip Balances will be the place to find the correct calculated balance for the Goer.

These are the three sections:

  1. The top section will be the transactions made by the Goer or any adjustments made to his balance.

  2. The next section will be transactions made by any Supporters.

  3. The third section will be self-support payments by the Goer.

Beneath those sections you will see Trip Balances. This will list any Mission Trips that are still open. The Trip Balance will match the Balance on the Goer’s Member Dialog and will calculate the correct balance from Goer Transactions, Self-Support, and Supporter Transactions.