Submission Report

The Submission Report is used for registration reporting. This is provided only for the One Page Form type of registration. It includes information about each registrant in Excel format, with one row per registrant. Each question included in the registration form will occupy a column on the spreadsheet. If Allow Re-Register is True for the Involvement or the registrant has been dropped and then re-registered, the report will contain a separate line item for each registration. The report will be sorted by most recent registration.


This report does not include subgroups that the registrant is in. However, subgroups are listed in the Groups Export.

See also

Groups Export

To Generate the Report

Step 1
Go to the specific Involvement and select Blue Toolbar > Cloud > Involvement Members Reports.
Step 2
Select Submission Report.

What Information Is Included

Member’s basic information
  • People Id
  • Family Id
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Primary Address
  • Primary Address 2
  • City, State Zip
  • Email Address
  • Home Phone
  • Cell Phone
  • Registrant’s DOB
  • Grade
  • Head of Household Name
  • Head Of Household Home Phone
  • Head Of Household Spouse Name
  • Head of Household Spouse Cell Phone
  • Head of Household Spouse Home Phone
Registration information
  • Paid - Total Paid for registration session
  • Fee - The initial fee amount
  • Donation - The additional donation amount
  • Registration Date/Time

The rest of the report will list information based on what has been requested in the online registration.


If the registration is for a camp or trip that will be out of town, or if the event is a sport during which the registrant might be injured, the following are useful questions to ask during the registration and will display on this report. If you use the Standard Question options for these, the information will also populate on the registrant’s people record:

  • Allergy information (nothing will print if there is no information provided on the registration form)
  • Specific medications that can be given - yes or no. Tylenol; Advil; Robitussin; Maalox
  • Emergency contact with phone number
  • Health insurance provider and policy number
  • Physician’s name and phone number
  • Mother and Father’s names (these are requested on forms because sometimes the parents are not in the church database)
  • T-shirt size

Latest Update 10/31/2022

Updated information regarding One Page Form registration type.