Delete an Involvement


The only reason to delete an Involvement is if you created it by mistake. If the Involvement has any members, previous members, meetings or attendance you would be erasing history if you delete the Involvement.

You certainly do not want to delete Involvements just because the event/class/whatever has ended. There is history associated with each Involvement and therefore you need to retain it. That history includes previous members, guests, meetings and attendance records. All of that gets deleted when you delete the Involvement it is associated with.

Furthermore, there is no way we can help you resurrect that information from a backup without an expensive fee.

Who Can Delete

This is a dangerous operation since it cannot be undone. That is why we limit this ability to only a few people in your system. Only an Admin with the special Delete role can delete an Involvement. Furthermore, that role can only be assigned by someone at TouchPoint.

So, if you need this role, please send a support request using the Help page, and let us know that you have read this article and understand the implications of deleting Involvements. If there is already a designated person on your staff, we will likely direct you to him.

How to Delete

If you have the Delete role and need to delete an Involvement:

Step 1

Go to the Involvement you want to delete.

Step 2

On the Blue Toolbar > Gear icon, Select Delete Involvement.


There is no undo button!

If you answer Yes, delete organization! at the prompt, wait until you see the Organization Deleted! message appear on the screen. At that point, the Involvement and all of its history will have been deleted.

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